5 Top Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

5 Smart Strategies for Increasing Mobile App Reviews

Reviews condition people. At the end of the day, a lot of human minds are malleable. They can be easily shaped with strong words.

Why Reviews Matter

In today's society, many people are basing their buying decisions on the opinions of others.

Take a look at the most popular shopping websites across the internet and you will see each of those items have several reviews from customers who have recently purchased the products.

Reviews have quickly become a gauge that significantly influences people when they buy, and mobile apps are no different. Many items in the app store are sorted by the amount of reviews posted. In the crowded app world, if you want yours to stand out, you need to start focusing on attracting more reviews.

Here are 5 unique ways for increasing mobile app reviews:

1. Using the App Review Plugin

Many people simply need to be asked in order for them to do something. There is no difference when it comes to reviews for your app. The easiest way to get your audience to leave a review is to ask them to leave one from within the app itself. There are so many different turn-key plugins available that will prompt your audience to take a second and leave a comment about their latest purchase. One thing to consider, don't go for the review too soon. Also, don't wait too long or they may have already fallen in love with the next great app.

2. Give the Reviewer Incentive

Here is a unique way you can increase your reviews to your app in a positive way. If you have recently developed a gaming app, chances are the players need to reach certain levels in order to acquire points or prizes. Offer your readers a chance to jump ahead a few levels with bonus coins, secret codes unlocks, or other freebies, in exchange for taking a second and leaving a review. Most are so grateful for the freebie that the review usually comes with a very positive tone. This is definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved.

3. Direct Support for Users

If you want to get a guaranteed great review, you need to provide your users with exceptional customer support. Actively seek feedback and incorporate a program that opens a two way communication, where you can instantly be in touch with those who need help quickly. The problems get solved much quicker, and the customer is left with a much more positive feeling after they deal with support. After you have successfully helped a customer, give them a little nudge and ask them if they were happy with the support, would they please take just a minute and kindly rate the app for you. The response to those requests is usually met with a positive review.

4. Timing the Prompt

Asking the user for a review will definitely help increase the ratings, but you have to be very careful how to time the prompt. The prompt needs to ask the user for a rating within the app experience. Too many apps simply ask for a review right after it has been downloaded. The problem there is the user is either aggravated and leaves a poor rating, or they simply want to experience the app and forget to rate it afterwards. Don't interrupt their normal flow, or you may risk getting poor reviews. Let the user accomplish something first before you go in asking for that review.

5. Running a Contest

One of the best ways to get reviews is simply by running a contest. Choose a prize worthy of a user leaving a review, and encourage them to post a review and then enter their name in the contest. Choose the winner from the list of responses you receive. You can do this weekly, monthly, or forever how long you want to increase your reviews. Be sure that you make it crystal clear how the winners are selected and how the winners will be notified. Attach usernames to random numbers and post the information before the drawing has taken place. This doesn't guarantee you will get positive reviews, but it does encourage user interaction.

If you want to get more positive reviews for your app, take the time to think about people first. Give your users time to enjoy your app, provide great support, and then kindly ask them to rate the app.


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