7 Top Reasons Why Infographics Work

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.

Ansel Adams

Infographic Design

Infographics are a powerful tool that builds communication and promotes information sharing.

Infographics are increasing used by businesses to share data in a format that is easily read and shared.

Infographics make complex information readily accessible. 

Every business can benefit from incorporating infographics into their marketing and content schedule - as customers and audiences strive to learn more about the facts, figures and data trends of the companies they support and the world at large.

Consider infographics as a useful tool to help build your 'brand story' online.


Why do infographics work so effectively?

It is said that there are three styles of information processing: by auditory, visual and sensorial means.

Many people are primarily 'visual learners', in fact - our brains process images faster than words.

It is estimated that we retain only 10% of textual content we read - while images make a stronger impression.

Text and images, data and statistics - combine readily to create a visually compelling story.

A well designed infographic combines these elements in an easy to digest format. 

Take advantage of the power of visual communication and convey your message with a custom designed infographic.

Read on for our 7 top reasons why infograpics have become such a useful tool online.

1. Infographics are user friendly.

Utilise the power of 'visual communication' to facilitate understanding.

Data is most potent when presented in a visual format. A quality infographic combines visual elements, text and data - to capture the attention of your audience and simultaneously educate and inform. The best infographics and memorable, attractive and incorporate company brand style guides. 

2. Infographics are shareable.

Share your message via a custom designed infographic. 

A key reason for the increased popularity of infographics is ease of sharing. A quality infographic will be instantly shared via social channels such as Facebook and twitter. Social sharing is great for increasing website traffic and improving search engine rankings. Include infographics strategically within your seo and content promotion campaign.

3. Infographics are easy to read.

Infographics provide 'in-depth information' in an easy to read format.

A simple approach is often best, particularly when presenting complex data. Detailed concepts are able to be presented clearly and thus promote analysis and understanding. Infographic design is conceptually driven by the data it presents.

4. Infographics enhance communication.

Infographics are self explanatory.

An attractive and interesting infographic promotes immediate response. No specialised knowledge is required. Every subject is suitable for illustration via infographics and data visualisation. Infographics are ideal for sharing serious or complex information with your customers and prospects. 

5. Infographics are highly targeted.

Use infogrphics to engage your audience world wide.

Create an infographic that resonates meaningfully with your target audience. Help people remember more about your company and services. Extend your reach with visualised information. Introduce facts and figures in a clear illustrative way that is anything but boring!

Every infographic should be custom tailored to your readers. All industries and businesses can benefit from a clear and simple message presented with style.

6. Infographics are memorable.

A well designed infographic is eye catching and will be remembered.

Effective visual content attracts attention. Engage your audience 'visually' to promote your message. 

7. Infographics promote brands.

A quality infographic has enormous viral potential. Embed your brand strategically throughout your infographics and increase your brand profile via twitter, Facebook, pinterest and more. Choose colour combination and typography that is 'on brand'. Keep your message clear. Target your niche market.

Use infographics to position your brand online as a market leader.

Utilise the power of infographics in your next campaign!

Discover the many benefits to creative marketing with infographics. 

Roundhouse offers professional infographic design and promotion services. We can assist with infographics and innovative branding strategies. With over 20 years design, brand and printing experience - trust Roundhouse to deliver a quality infographic, custom designed to meet your needs.

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