9 Ways to Boost Email Marketing At Christmas

9 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Conversion Rates This Christmas Season

Quote: Christmas is the day that holds all time together.
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Implement The Perfect Email Campaign This Christmas

Now is the perfect time to make certain that your email marketing campaign is effective and efficient.

During the year 2014, there will be well over 196 billion emails sent and received every single day.

If your email marketing campaigns are not set correctly, your messages are simply getting lost in that huge pile of cyber mail. In order to ensure your efforts are not wasted, you need to implement a few email marketing tactics that will drastically improve your holiday conversion rates.

Here is a list of 9 of the most effective tips and tricks that will not only grab the readers attention, it will help your open-rate reached higher numbers. 

1. Having a Plan in Place

Without a plan, you are simply blasting out messages to your readers in the hopes some of them get open. To effectively increase your conversion rates, you have to know what your goals are ahead of designed that campaign. If you were lucky enough to get all your email recipients to open your messages, you need to know where they should be going. Have a page or product you want them to visit, identify the goal first, then make the appropriate changes to the email campaign so you can achieve the goals you set.

2. Use Teaser Email Subject Lines

If you tell the reader too much, they might just disregard your message for spam or something they are not interested in at the moment. Teaser messages get the reader to want to learn more, so they are more likely to open the message. If you can get the subject line under ten characters, you increase your open rate by a whopping 58 percent. The key is to pique the readers curiosity, getting them to open that email message because they need to know more. 

3. Capitalising the Subject Line

If you capitalize the first letter of each word in the subject line, it looks much more professional than all lower case. It help to spark a little more engagement and grab hold of their attention compared to the list of other emails they receive.

4. Personalising Your Emails

If your recipient sees only generic messages, and then one with their name clearly displayed, they are much more likely to open the message specifically directed to them. Even if you only put their first name in the subject line, it helps to differentiate your message from the mass spam messages circulating the web each day.

5. Testing Your Message

You might be surprised to discover that over 80% of smartphone users open their email with their mobile device. You had better check to see what your message looks like on a mobile phone before sending it out. Send a test to your phone, and see if your message is easily read and understood on that smaller device. Mobile technology is becoming more popular every year, and your email campaigns should be optimised for mobile.

6. Message Matches Subject Line

The key to keeping the reader attention is to make sure the email message is a continuation of the subject line. Getting them to open that email is half of the battle, now deliver the goods with an effectively written message.

7. Inviting Interaction

Most people are used to seeing some sort of standard response at the end of an email that gives them information they need to contact the sender. If the reader has a question, they are asked to call a number and their message will be addressed. Make is much more easier for your reader if they have a question after reading your email message. Simply tell your audience to reply to the email and someone from your company will read that message and respond accordingly. 

8. Change Links to Buttons

Everyone is so used to seeing those blue links at the end of the email message, they really have lost their effectiveness. Substitute brightly colored buttons for those links, and the reader will be more likely to click on your call to action offerings. 

9. Proofread and Proofread Again

Nothing looks less professional than an email message full of spelling and grammatical errors. Either invest in a good spell checking tool, have another employee proofread the message, or read it backwards yourself. Reading the message backwards allows you to focus on each word individually. When you read normally, your brain scans ahead and often skips over even the most obvious of spelling mistakes.


At Roundhouse, we know that an effective email marketing campaign will deliver a significant ROI. Email marketing is key marketing channel that should be used by every business. If you wish to learn how to grow your business with email marketing both now and during the holiday season, talk to us today.

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