Brand Reputation and the Difference Between Your Business and Your Brand

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Brand Reputation and the Difference Between Your Business and Your Brand

Is you business a recognised brand?

Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value.

Albert Einstein

One of the more difficult things to determine in your business is deciding at what point your company goes from being a business to becoming a recognised brand. 

Is it the number of likes, positive reviews, or retweets that determines when a business makes that jump to a brand?

Turning your company into a brand that consumers readily recognise will set you apart from others competing in your niche. It is a difficult challenge when you aren't sure what the criteria is for calling a company a brand.

 The best way to define the term brand is to look at your industry from your audience’s point of view. How your customers feel about your company's name will often dictate your brand reputation.

Think for a moment about other companies that are the top in their industry.

What is it about the best cola, the best computer store, the best coffee shop and others that are on the top of your list?

The reason these brands are considered by many to be the best in their industry is due to a consistently high level of performance and effective communication. They may have a ton of competition, but they still deliver a superior customer experience. They don't satisfy the customer’s needs once, they make certain to give more value every time that customer returns. This is how they stay on top for years.

The brand reputation of these companies was forged over time with the consistent delivery of high quality services and products.

Ultimately, it is the quality services, products, communication and total customer experience that separates your business from your competitors.

Building your brand has to begin with the delivery of genuine service, value and excellence. Word of mouth marketing will help to build that brand reputation you need to succeed.

Getting back to the original question then, what is it about your business that makes it a brand?

 It must be about the quality of your service and products, but it also must be about getting your core philosophy into every aspect of the business.

When your customer understands the key values of your brand – and believes that philosophy is within every molecule of your business - you make the move towards being a brand.

Strive to Deliver Value

If the core of your business is about giving your customer more in value than they could ever give you in money – and your customers share in that commitment and belief - you have created a strong brand reputation that will grow your business and increase your profits.

To make the leap from a business to a recognised brand, ensure that the key values within your brand are fully integrated in a real and tangible way throughout your organisation and communicated consistently and effectively to your audience.

Creating a successful brand is all about representing your core beliefs to your target customers.

Effective branding will grow your sales, increase repeat sales and build your business for the long term. 

Is your brand connecting with your audience?

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