What do we look for in a potential employee / Intern?

  • We like people who are willing to learn new things, work hard, who are passionate about design and creativity and foremost have a genuine desire to help others and do a great job no matter what the task is. A great design sense is a must and other creative interests aside from just design is a plus. Being able to take on constructive criticism is very important and oh, and being a nice person too ...

What sort of skills do we look for in a potential employee / intern?

  • We don't expect everyone to be good at every single aspect of design. However we do look for a willingness to apply creative thinking to any task. By that we mean being able to generate ideas quickly and without prompting. Well rounded design skills using the adobe suite of products is a must and great skills come from lot's of practice so we expect that anyone we look to employ or intern would want to constantly improve their own skills ongoing.

What sort of experience do we expect a potential employee / intern to have?

  • We aren't overly interested in what people have done before but more what they are able to bring in the present. Experience in relevant areas of design is always a plus where we you can explain your thinking and processes clearly. The amount of experience is not important to us but moreso the quality of what you have done, even if very little and your ability to communicate ideas visually and in person.

What do we expect from a potential employee / intern's portfolio / BRAND / resume?

  • We expect everyone to take the time to develop their own personal brand and portfolio website. Even if you don't have a huge portfolio, showcase what you do have in a creative way that sells yourself and the quality of what you can offer. A printed, originally designed portfolio is a good idea as well, as is a business card. We take resume's into consideration but their content play little or no part in how we view potential employee's or intern's. What other people have to say about you is important to us if it was in a comparable design role or something relevant.


by Saul Edmonds