At Roundhouse, we provide bespoke illustration services

using both traditional media and digital techniques

We manage every stage of the design process

We provide brilliant artwork on brief
on time and on budget

All illustration work is created in house by our team of experienced artists and designers

Illustration Brisbane

What our clients are saying about us

Donna Stone - Stone Consulting
It has been a pleasure working with Saul from Roundhouse on the development of my new book series identity and the book covers. Saul has demonstrated not only exceptional skill but wonderful patience and understanding in achieving the outcome I wanted for both the identity and covers. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for any similar project.
— Donna Stone - Stone Consulting

Turn concepts into reality

Use illustration to communicate original ideas or illustrate complex concepts from any angle or perspective


  • Infographics & Data Visualisation

  • Character Design & Development

  • Fabric Design

  • Packaging Design

  • Advertising Design

  • Medical Illustration

  • Children's Book Illustration

  • Editorial Illustration

  • Commercial Illustration

  • T-shirt & Fashion Illustration

  • Simple line drawings

  • Hand crafted artwork using pencil, paint, ink or collage

  • Technical drawings

  • Architectural renderings

  • 3D illustrations

  • Digital animation & motion graphics


What our clients are saying about us

Hannah Suarez - Creative City / Brisbane Creative Industries
I requested Roundhouse to put together a graphic identity that would suit Melbourne and Sydney cities respectively while maintaining uniqueness of what each city would represent - Melbourne for its warm, chocolatey tones (best hot choc is in Melbourne!) and Sydney for its bright, out there tones. This complements the unique colour palette of Brisbane which is a sky blue to coincide with warmth and even a ‘baby blue’ to represent that youth of the creative industries within Brisbane.

It is a difficult task to associate a graphic identity for something as wide and varied as cities and I believe that Saul has captured it well for the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney identities. Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney are grouped together underneath another branding identity to maintain a relationship between these three major Australian cities.
— Hannah Suarez - Creative City / Brisbane Creative Industries