10 Best Practices For Enterprise Mobile App Development

A Guide To Best Practice Enterprise App Development

"In actual life, every great enterprise begins with and takes its first forward step in faith."  —August Wilhelm von Schlegel

How To Grow Your Business With Enterprise Apps

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When it comes to enterprise mobile app development, businesses of all sizes are finding new ways to take advantage of the technology of the day. 

The business world was revolutionized once the computer became a global phenomenon, and now it appears enterprise mobile apps are poised to have the same impact around the world.

These enterprise mobile apps are focused on software that is user-friendly. 

These apps are used by employees working in the field, the sales team, maintenance department, and even delivery personnel. These apps are not developed with the customer in mind, they are used to streamline the business, organize tasks, and manage data.

Overloading the team with enterprise mobile apps that have a ton of unnecessary features is not good for business, so better understanding what needs to go into that app can go a long way in the success of your company.

Here are the 10 best practices for enterprise mobile app development success.

1. Detailed Training Program

Throughout the company, there are going to be employees that have different levels of technology literacy. 

Expecting the entire work force to instantly understand the enterprise mobile app is too much to be asking. All employees will eventually need to be on board with the software, so creating a detailed training program that will bring everyone up to speed is advised. By keeping close tabs on employees during the training, eventually everyone will absorb the information at their own pace.

2. Minimizing App Sizes

Be sure that the app size is small enough that it is not taking up too much space on the user's device. 

When the work force is spending a considerable amount of time of the road, they may be using several other apps to perform work duties. When it comes to enterprise mobile app development, go for streamlined and nimble, focusing on core functions and nothing else.

3. Importance of Branding

The enterprise mobile app must be consistent with the rest of the company brand. 

Instead of just offering the team a bare-bones experience, sprinkle in some branding flair without taking up too many of the resources of the device. As the employees get more comfortable with the app and the branding message resonates with them, they help to spread that word in everything they do.

4. What Is Important

It is important to walk a mile in your employee's shoes before the enterprise mobile app development can commence. 

When the team is on the road most of the year, if you do not understand what they need in order to perform at a high level while away from the office, the app will never provide the team benefits. Focus on responding to their unique needs, getting in-depth insights to what kind of challenges they face each day.

5. Adaptive Designing

By using more versatile layouts compatible with laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, you can keep the whole team on board. 

There really is no telling what platforms work best in certain situations, so the enterprise mobile app development needs to work across all these platforms effortlessly. It is hard to assume which device each employee is more comfortable with, so cross design covers them all.

6. Focused Content

Determine what features are most important to the overall project and focus there.

Leave all the other aspects of the project out of the mix, the last thing you want to do is confuse or distract these employees from the task at hand. If you focus on the content, then the likelihood that users will drift off to social media or other features is less likely because they only have one option in front of them. A clean simple look can often have the biggest positive impact for a business.

7. Iterative Design

The way iterative design works is simple, once the enterprise mobile app development has commenced, updates will be deployed in cyclical patterns. 

This helps to allow the development team to get feedback from the users along the way without having to roll out one huge update. The design is never going to be perfect the first time out, so by making use of this technique, in time the overall mobile app will be better in tune with work best for everyone.

8. User Experience

One of the things the enterprise mobile app development team need to address is the user experience. 

The ultimate goal of the app creates a workable software that enhances the day of the user at work. Once it becomes a part of their everyday routine, they will be able to work more efficiently. Those apps that are created that are too cumbersome simple are left to their own and never utilized, a waste of valuable resources. When the design team can look at the apps they use each day and draw upon those experiences, the entire project will be a success.

9. The App Protection

Employees will be able to take advantage of data encryption, authentication, and management sensitive information, which keep data protected even when they are in use at multiple remote locations. 

It is important to make use of the App Store because as the web becomes larger, your assets must be protected.

10. Smart Sensors

As the technology keeps advancing each year, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate some IoT technology into the app design. 

These employees are already familiar with this technology at home when they order a pizza, lock up their house, or turn on the oven from their mobile device, so look for ways to make their time at work less stressful and more productive. 

Things to consider with the enterprise mobile app development is GPS, sound activation, or remote access features.

When it comes to enterprise mobile app development, keep an eye on the needs of the employees and the other on future development. This is plenty of information to help your business to get a good start in the right direction with starting on your own enterprise app, so take advantage and get working on that implementation today!

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