3 Simple Ways to Master the Power of the Hashtag

3 Simple Ways to Use the Hashtag To Boost Readership

Social media has shaken up the world of sales, with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offering new ways to hound leads and unprecedented insights into clients.
Ryan Holmes

Easy and Effective Ideas for Marketing With Hashtags

Social media has transformed the marketing landscape in recent years, and if you are not familiar with what the hastag is, today is the day you need to get informed.

The hashtag can be used creatively to tell the unique story of your brand. The hashtag, if used correctly, can work to align your business more closely to your customers.

Here are 3 simple techniques for mastering the power of the hashtag.

Sharing Your History

The popular hashtag #throwbackthursday started when some individuals wanted to reminisce about historical events. The popularity of this one hashtag has grown enormously.

Many smart business owners are taking advantage of that single hashtag to show their customers what their company looked like in the beginning. It is a great way to not only put a face to the business, but to give your audience a little insight into the history of you and your brand. 

Give People What They Care About

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when it comes to using the hashtag is assuming that people know your individual brand.

Note that posting your brand name in a hashtag over and over again will most likely not result in increased traffic. Your audience will generally not get involved in conversations that are solely about your company or brand.

People want to - and will only - talk about what really interests them in a genuine way. While the brand name hashtag has the potential to lay the groundwork for a unique conversation, you should consider connecting with your audience by tapping into popular conversations that they are already engaged in. 

If you are actively engaging your audience with popular hashtags, you can make unique variations to popular words and start unique conversations that bring some attention to your business. Using some humour will go a long way to enabling your audience to connect with your brand.

Expressing Your Unique Personality

The hashtag has the power to allow you as a business owner to separate yourself from your competition.

If your industry utilises the same words in hashtags, it can really be a challenge to stand out in the crowd. Your brand is the story that you tell your audience about your business, so look for ways to incorporate your brand message into your hashtags to reach your audience more effectively than others within your industry. 

Why not utilise some hashtags that reveal your personality, to reach an audience beyond those who use your products or services? Use hashtags creatively to describe your business and your successes.

Focus on the words that are core to you and your brand message - and proclaim to the world what you are really all about. 


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