5 Amazing Sound Design Resources You Should Bookmark

by Saul Edmonds
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As a sound designer, it pays to keep informed. Learning new things and keeping up to date with what is ‘out there’ is essential. Tools, resources, information - knowing where they are when you need them is important. Additionally, there is a rapidly developing sound design community that surrounds the latest technologies. It is great to get involved and read of the experiences of others in the sound design world.

Find below 5 websites that I find useful and (always) inspirational


Fimsound is described as a ‘learning Space dedicated to the art of film sound design’. From film sound design history, to composer texts and a catalogue of hundreds of articles sorted by movie title - filmsound is possibly the most comprehensive site on the web regarding the topic of sound and music for film. There is so much information on this site! Also included are articles about TV, gaming and animation sound design, and a section for beginners.


Sound designer and composer Stephan Schutze has been working in the games industry in Australia for over a decade. He makes available his sound library as a free online audio resource centre with over 14,500 high resolution sound effects. The samples are free to download and a hard copy is available for purchase.


Audiogang is the Game Audio Network Guild. GANG is a is a non-profit organization that is both a resource and community for game audio professionals, publishers, developers and students. Membership (which ranges from $50 / year for ‘student’ to $100 / year for ‘professional’) is required to access the many resources include industry news, articles, white papers, panel recordings, event dates, and online message boards.


StreamingSoundtracks.com broadcasts Movie Scores, TV Themes, Anime & Game Music. It is free to join the community and request songs to be played. There is an incredible variety of works featured on the playlists.


Unidentified Sound Object - is a web library about theory and application of new technologies in the areas of sound-on-film, electronic music, sound design, immersive environments, sound synthesis, digital signal processing. Highly recommended.

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by Saul Edmonds