5 reasons why 2010 is my greatest year yet

by Saul Edmonds

Title: ‘Rainbow Keys’ by G.L

It is Oct 2010. Yikes! The year is nearly over-ish (more/less).

Yeah - 2010 has been a great, great year for myself personally. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

  • Baby In January this year, my partner and myself experienced the birth of our baby boy. The depth of emotion that we experience (now on a daily basis) took us both by surprise. All the cliche’s are true - nothing matters in the world now that we have him. To make things even better - our cat also had two beautiful kittens.
  • Focus 2010 has been a year of focus for Roundhouse. We have pursued our goals with greater clarity than ever before and have finally begun to ‘tick the boxes’. Although we still have a long, long way to go with many projects in development- we have significantly refined our skill base and are starting to see some real results for a LOT of hard work.
  • Community 2010 has been a year of revelation for me. I have been amazed at the scope of the community and artistic support that is out there. You only need to ask for it. Give to gain.
  • Balance Combining a busy work life with a baby forces you to get organized. ‘Work smarter not harder’ is an oldie but goodie. Again - the cliche’s apply : ‘do one thing at a time and do it well’ etc….
  • Truth This year, we made the ‘amazing’ decision to be even more confident in our skills as designers. You take it as a given that what you do as a designer is an evolving process as far as skills, time management, amongst other things but we came to a point especially with launching our new site that we now more than ever have a clear creative purpose and love what we do.

How has 2010 been for you so far? Have you had any personal experiences which have informed your professional practice?

by Saul Edmonds