7 Step Guide to Email Marketing for Small Business

 7 Steps to Successful Email Marketing for Small Business

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.
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Grow Your Reach With Email Marketing

Reach out to your existing customers via email. Discover how affordable, yet powerful, email marketing is.

Use email marketing to grow your business, expand your audience, and increase your profits.

Read our 7 steps for effective marketing for small business to learn more.

1. Growing Your Mailing List

In order to email to your customers, you have to collect their contact information first. You should aim to grow your email list each day. Make it easy for your audience to sign up for newsletters or further correspondence. The sign up box on your website needs to be above the fold, where new visitors can not miss it. There should also be a link to a sign up page in every correspondence email you send. There should also be plenty of ways for new customers to find that sign up box from all your social media profile pages.

2. The Power of the Subject Line

Use the subject line of your email messages to motivate your readers to open your emails. Ensure your subject line informs or inspires positive action. Keep your subject line as short as possible, yet compelling enough to prompt people to open the email. Be careful not to use terminology that might get flagged by the spam filters.

3. Being Compliant

If you want your messages to reach your intended target, you have to play by the rules. Remain within the guidelines of the Marketing Act of 2003. This act was implemented to keep business owners from spamming customers. If your messages are flagged, you run the risk of having your IP blacklisted by your service provide. 

4. Developing Your Audience

Pay close attention to how your audience is interacting with your emails. Look to see which emails are getting the biggest responses. Continually aim to improve your campaigns. Pay close attention to what triggered a better response rate, and then go from there. Taking the time to review your email metrics will help you fine-tune your emails for maximum success.

5. Best Practices

Remember that the more images in your email message, the better response from readers. An effective email must be easy to read, well branded and visually engaging.

6. Keeping Things Simple

Keep things brief and then test until you find the perfect sized message that works for your unique audience. The key to success with email marketing is saying more with less words. Incorporate videos and high quality images to ensure success with your recipients. 

7. Keep the Communication Ongoing

Just because the reader is finished with your email message, doesn't mean the communication has to end. Aim to keep the conversation going. Offer additional information and helpful advice. 


At Roundhouse, we understand how effectively email marketing can be used to connect regularly with your existing customers. Use email marketing to grow customer relationships and keep your customers informed about your products, services and special offers. If you would like to learn how cost effective email marketing can be for your small business, please get in touch today.

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