Creative App Review: Infinity Gene

by Saul Edmonds

To our great delight we have discovered the brilliant Infinity Gene.

As one of the most refreshing gameplay experiences we have had in a long time, it definitively proves that the dead can be reborn anew. Infinity Gene is Space Invaders - but astoundingly recreated with incredible graphics and sound to match.

Gameplay - fast n furious

Imagery - most beautiful

Infinity Gene for the iPhone is an expanded version of the Japanese hand held game. It begins as the classic Atari Space Invaders single shooter but becomes so much more. With an advanced arsenal of weapons and unrestricted on-screen movement - the game evolves as you play. Unlock the unlockables: laser laden crafts, claustrophobic extra stages, more lives than ever before.

Choose from ‘Easy’ or ‘Normal’ difficulty levels - ‘Hard’ only unlocks with continued play.

Wisely, shooting is set to auto-fire. The controls respond with surgical precision. Just touch and hold any part of the screen to manoeuvre your valiant ship. With one finger behind your defiant micro craft - get set for some surprising gameplay in the battlefield of Space 2D.

The graphic galleries offer an innovativly geometric war machine that the discovery of which is a reward unto itself.

Infinity Gene also features a new music menu option. Select a song from your iPhone’s library to play a game generated from the song data.

Crunching big beats in endlessness of space is always a good thing.

Watch the Official Trailer

Yeah - we highly recommend it.

by Saul Edmonds