How to Promote your Business this Christmas

by Saul Edmonds
  How to Promote your Business this Christmas

Although Christmas is just around the corner - there is still enough time to infuse your marketing with the holiday spirit. 

For business, Christmas is the ideal time to build customer relationships while providing helpful information about your products and services. It is often noted that Christmas gifts have a longer 'shelf life' than other marketing products - for example, a well designed and carefully branded calendar may well achieve one full year of daily attention! 

Use Christmas themed promotional materials to spread the word about your company and create positive associations for the year to come.

So send out the Christmas Cheer today with our Top 5 Promotional Ideas to build your brand this holiday!

1. Custom Printed Christmas Cards

There is always something special about receiving a traditional printed Christmas card. 

A custom designed and printed Christmas Card will help your business stand out from the crowd.

2. Christmas eCard

A Christmas eCard is the modern way to send your Christmas greetings online. A Christmas eCard is a cost effective alternative that can be customised to feature your unique company message. Choose a modern or traditional design that best represents your corporate image.

When there isn't time left to send a traditional printed Christmas Card, an eCard may well be the answer.

3. Branded New Year Calendar

A branded calendar will ensure your company remains foremost in the minds of your customers throughout the year ahead. A custom print calendar can be uniquely designed to promote your business featuring your logo, company details and corporate colours.

4. Christmas Business Card

A custom printed business card for the holiday season is a great idea. Take advantage of Christmas social events to promote your business card redesigned with Christmas in mind. This could be via the inclusion of a simple and elegant Christmas message or with the careful addition of selective Christmas imagery. A Christmas business card is a unique statement bound to attract attention.

5. Christmas Flyer

Flyers are easily distributed and have the advantage of being large enough to feature a Christmas design in the context of additional company information. Flyers present therefore an opportunity to share the Christmas Message and spread the news to a wider audience about your holiday specials and deals.  Use a customised marketing flyer to increase sales at this time of year.

Merry Christmas!

Roundhouse offers a complete range of custom print and design solutions for all your Christmas Printing requirements. Custom designed eCards are also available. 

by Saul Edmonds