How to show your iPhone 4's Battery Power in Numeric Form

by Saul Edmonds

One of the main improvements of iPhone 4 over its predecessor is the significantly improved battery life.

Tests suggest that battery longevity can extend to up to 38 hours of heavy use including 7 hours of talk time. The new lithium-ion battery is much appreciated amongst iPhone devotees.

The importance of accurately gauging your battery supply is crucial.

A man forewarned is a man forearmed (with a recharger).

Don’t be caught out.

Follow the easy steps below to display battery life as a numerical percentage within the battery display symbol.

Step 1 : Tap on Settings

Step 2 : Tap on General

Step 3 : Tap on Usage

Step 4 : Switch on Battery Percentage

A closer monitoring of battery life can also assist with regard to devising strategies that better conserve battery power - which in turn should extend battery life.

by Saul Edmonds