iPhone Tip - Switch to UK English

by Saul Edmonds
Switch to UK English-web.jpg

Would you care for a doughnut?

Or prefer a donut?

There are numerous variants between the standard English used in the UK and US. These differences illustrate dialectical variants within our shared English language.

  • Some other common examples :
  • Colour (UK) - Color (US)
  • Moustache (UK) - Mustache (US)
  • Arse (UK) - Ass (US)

The iPhone 4 automatic spell checker can be set to the specific version of English you require.

By default it is set to American English.

Few will deny that a spell checker set to the ‘wrong’ version can be a frustrating experience when texting.

If the incorrect version has been selected, it can easily be changed.

Note that ‘English’ on the iPhone 4 is US English.

How to change US English to UK English

  • Step 1 : Go to Settings – General – International – Keyboards
  • Step 2 : Tap Add New Keyboard
  • Step 3 : Scroll to select English (UK)
  • Step 4 : On the Keyboards screen, tap Edit
  • Step 5 : Delete ‘English’

All done!

by Saul Edmonds