ROUNDHOUSE - Featured on Design Fridge

by Saul Edmonds

The good folk at Design Fridge were nice enough to feature our site (the one your

‘re on now) so we thought we’d reciprocate and tell you about them, in their words:

A bit about Design Fridge taken from their site:

This is Design Fridge, a CSS and Flash site gallery devoted to bringing you fresh inspiration from the world of web design.

Isn’t it the same as the others?

I know what you’re thinking… “not another Web Design gallery!” and I can understand why, the web is riddled with them. But there is always room for one more and with support from you ‘the user’, Design Fridge is going to stand out from the crowd.

What’s different?

We aim to make a web designers life easier. We’ve organised the fridge into design trends, like retro or grunge, and we tag the key features of each design. This paired with a clutter free layout makes it simple to find the inspiration you’re looking for.

Who’s in charge?

Ultimately… you are! – the designer. You play an important role in the process. You search for inspiration at the start of each new design, and once the projects complete, you are the ones who submit the successful sites for other designer to admire. And we go round and round until we’re dizzy.

So, go check Design Fridge out … some seriously inspiring web design … nice

by Saul Edmonds