Saul's Caffeine-less October

by Saul Edmonds

My Coffee Break Story

This year I am giving up coffee in October in support of the Coffee Break Project. 

Ever since meeting with the lovely folk at made4media and being introduced to John Fox from some 3 years ago, I have been inspired by the work group 61 performs tirelessly for those in our community who are isolated through mental health issues.

Through the simple act of friendship, the volunteers of Group 61 help to empower those they assist and achieve their personal potential.

We continue to support the Coffee Break Project and Group 61 through providing web design services to both sites in the hope that the word can be spread far and wide for such a great cause, so get on board and have a Coffee Break in October !

Click here to give my Coffee break journey a helping hand ... thanks in advance, Saul


by Saul Edmonds