Screamalicious - 7 Top TV / Cinema Screams


The ‘Theory and Hypothesis’ of Make Believe

Humans try to avoid discomfort

Yet the suspension of disbelief is addictive

Screams provide the adrenaline rush we all crave. The dread and powerlessness we experience as suspension builds in a fantasy world is a totally intoxicating mix. The slice/ dice/ fear factor ensures there is nowhere left to hide

Fear is not ‘logic’

Vivid tension is often best expressed via abstracted sound and image. Our innate ‘fear system’ is hardwired to both emotional and biological receptors. Audience imagination must be creatively invoked to elicit the desired fear response

The Screamalicious 7

  1. The first time you hear the Ringwraiths in Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
  2. The Ring has some good screams in it from Naomi Watts
  3. There is lots of interesting yells, screams, and fear vocalizations by the character of Tetsuo in Akira
  4. Blair Witch Project had some good male screams when the guy goes missing
  5. Pris’s death screams in Blade Runner are creepy
  6. Twin Peaks: During the final episode when Agent Cooper is wandering around the Black Lodge. He encounters “evil” Laura Palmer
  7. The Goofy scream makes in the older Disney animations. An awesome vocalization

No doubt there are a lot more screamalicious screams from cinema … post your scream tidbits

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