Sound Design - How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

by Saul Edmonds
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A definition in terms:

  • Comfort - a physical or moral experience of safety/ ease/ consolation.
  • Zone - an area/ partition / region of distinction

The Quiet Art of Discomfiture

  • Comfort zones - vital as they are - embody the ‘now’
  • Now is good - new is hard
  • Creativity needs ‘new’
  • But we already know / knew that

A zone is a restriction in terms. Some seek comfort in confinement. Yet with a break in certainty comes promise of adventure. Senses are engaged. Courage strikes a spark. Danger lies ahead (or it should).

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.” (John Cage)

A designer should in-build strategies for routine destabilization

Creatives need less creativity. Ideas are built not found

Consider the following when reviewing your next or current project:

How can this work go beyond the c-zone?

Actions for de-creation/ re-creation include:

  • Add, subtract, multiply
  • Magnify, reduce
  • Adapt, divide, combine
  • Replace, reuse

My personal style is to make use of lists. Long lists (of words). Specific directives on how to undo or do different

Tell us how you negotiate the ‘c-zone’. What are some strategies you use to good effect?

by Saul Edmonds