The 7 Ways of Self Promotion Or Self Promotion vs Self Discovery

by Saul Edmonds
“What is difficult is the promotion, balancing the public side of a writer`s life with the writing. I think that`s something a lot of writers are having to face.”
Kazuo Ishiguro

Artists/ musicians often wrestle with the notion of ‘self promotion’. The romance of ‘keeping it real’ as a genuine artist seems in opposition to the fakery, false promise and shiny salesmanship that typifies many self promotion practices.

Yet self promotion as an activity cannot be ignored. As creatives, it is a requirement that we proactively promote both ourselves and our work - if we are to succeed at making a living from our art practices.

The Art of Self Promotion (and the Way of Self)

Can effective self promotion be more about others and less about self?

Is the ‘discovery of self’ best realized through selfless action?

Self promotion is an opportunity to constructively meet the needs of other people. The process of promotion becomes easier and more intuitive when considered within this framework.

At the core of effective self promotion is the confident expression of bold ideas to those whom we wish to ‘serve’. Service extends from clients, to co-workers and community. It is characterised by a willingness to provide real value. This may be through diligence/ quality / concept. Our creative skills and output become the means by which we positively contribute to the whole.

As such, self promotion is an ‘ethical ideas’ action characterized by collaboration, trust and empathy. It is focused on meeting needs and facilitating personal growth both of individuals and organizations. Give to gain.

This is offered in stark alternative to the self serving, domineering style of self promotion with which we are all familiar.

“He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.”


How can we achieve best practice promotion?

The Do (way of) Self Promotion

  1. To Listen - Build meaningful relationships
  2. To Understand : Identify with the concerns and requirements of others
  3. To Trust : Respect each person and project
  4. To Offer Solutions - Define a vision that places every project in a wider social context
  5. To Focus on Outcomes - Deliver a clear message that addresses specific goals
  6. To Seek - A commitment to the personal and professional growth of others
  7. To Develop Community - Build opportunities for working together

Self promotion is never about self

Self discovery is never about self

To understand ourselves is to discover that we are a work in progress

by Saul Edmonds