Too many ideas?

by Saul Edmonds
Too many ideas - web.jpg

Ideas are a process. The fresh pursuit of new ideas is something all creatives relish.

Examining combinations, alternatives and potential outcomes is a joy unto itself.

The process of possibility.

Yet, idea addiction can be fatal.

Too many unproven ideas and unfinished projects is no good thing.

At all times, the creative process benefits from a disciplined approach.

The search for ‘more’ ideas should be rather the careful development of ‘better’ ideas.

Intelligent refinement of a single idea may offer substantially more profit (and save time).

Idea = Thought (+ Design + Review + Hard Work)

The idea process itself must be carefully designed and monitored at all times.

Each idea must be built from the ground up.

The choice between what to pursue and what to discard is an important one.

Inspiration and practical problem solving are both requisite.

Thought is easy.

Finishing is a task.

Idea resolution takes practice.

Making ideas happen is never easy.

Fewer ideas - better executed - will always win on the day.

As usual, less is more than expected.

by Saul Edmonds