Top 7 Mobile App Developments in 2017

7 Mobile App Development Trends Here to Stay

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“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.” ― Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa

Living The Mobile Life

Make no mistake about it, mobile technology and smartphones are now an inseparable part of every day life. 

The mobile phone wakes us up each morning, it helps us determine the weather for the day, allows us to listen to music, instantly chat with family and friends around the globe, and even navigates our vehicle down the shortest and least congested roads to work. 

With over two billion people owning a smartphone today, the integration of mobile technology into our daily lives is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

These are the top 7 key mobile app development trends that will predominate the market in 2017.

1. The Importance of Artificial Intelligence
This year alone, it is predicted that in the artificial intelligence realm, there will be an explosion of over 300% as far as users relying on this technology.

Machine learning techs, cognitive interfaces, and advanced analytics will provide many business users the ability to access powerful insights into the workings of their company and allow them to grow like never before. 

Google Now and Siri, to name a few, are already household names, and more are predicted to come on the scene in the next few months.

2. The Rise of Cloud Driven Mobile Apps
One of the biggest issues that many smartphone users can relate to is a crowded device that runs sluggishly due to an abundance of apps, pictures, games, and videos. 

The cloud driven mobile apps is not only on the rise, it appears to be becoming a necessity that will not be leaving any time soon. 

From tech professionals to average consumers, everyone today is making use of some sort of cloud based device to free up the limited space and resources on their device. 

Now instead of all that data clogging the mobile devices ability to fiction at high speeds, the phone fetches what it needs from the cloud and takes minimal space on the internal memory of the smartphone.

3. Increasing in Office Interactions Easily
One of the most popular of all mobile app developments in 2017 that is here to stay,  is the ability to streamline and restructure your business processes while on the go. 

Micro-apps and enterprise apps allow the company to easily restructure crucial business process like collaborating on team projects when all participants are in different cities, or to participate in a seminar where team members are scattered around the globe. 

To get a better understanding of the importance of these apps, one only needs to look at Evernote, a mobile app that allows business users to collaborate on any project through their mobile device, regardless where all the players are at this moment. An impressive 77% of business owners found this apps advantageous to increasing their company's bottom line.

4. The Increase in Security
With more people utilising their mobile devices each day, security is vital to success. 

People today are banking with their mobile devices, paying bills, funding their retirement accounts, and even paying for everyday purchases at the cash registers at retail outlets. 

Hackers are well aware of the increased use of mobile devices and how many people are becoming more comfortable sharing their personal information. These hackers are lightning fast at spotting security gaps in any mobile app, so app development companies rely heavily on improved security features that will block sensitive and confidential information from peering eyes.

5. Explosion in Wearable Devices
Now when we talk about mobile wearable devices, we are not talking about the Life Alert system that helps to get the right medical personal to the home of a fallen elderly person. 

Even kids today are making use of a variety of wearable mobile devices like the Apple Watch, Fit-Bit, or Google Daydream. These devices allow the wearer to do many things on the run, and it is only getting more popular as more companies are creating devices that meet a particular need with their audience. No longer is the healthcare industry at the forefront of the wearable niche in mobile technology.

6. E-Commerce is Extremely Popular
It was only a few years ago that many people were terrified at the thought of using their credit cards to pay for anything on their mobile devices. 

Today, the ability to pay with a mobile app installed on your phone that is connected to your bank account is almost second nature for some. Instead of reaching for your debit or credit card to pay for something in a retail outlet, consumers with mobile devices simply make use of Apple Pay or Google Wallet. 

Combining these pay platforms with wearable devices, and the consumer has the ability to safely pay for services faster than ever before. Instantly, these users can check their phone to make sure they were charged correctly and what their remaining balance is currently.

7. The Rise of Location Based Services
To get a better understanding of how location-based services are becoming of central importance in 2017, one only needs to look at Google beacon or Apple iBeacon services. 

To get a better understanding of the beacon based service, the WiFi technology that used to be the mainstay in retail outlets, hotels, and restaurants is now more personalised. 

For example, these devices can now pick up on when a loyal customer enters their establishment and offer them coupon and promo codes to enhance the buying experience. If you are a loyal customer of a retail outlet like Victoria's Secret, your phone receives a notification seconds after you enter the store about an offer. The offer is tailored to your previous purchases, helping you to save more on the things you really need.

There is no stopping progress in the mobile technology world, and these 7 mobile app development in 2017 trends are not only here to stay, they are going to thrive for years to come as even more people own mobile devices and rely on them to get through their day.

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