Episode 19: Brisbane Marketing Website




[00:00:00]  Saul: Hi, everybody, and welcome to the Web Design Brisbane Podcast. This is episode number 19. And today's episode is entitled, Brisbane  Marketing Website? My name is Saul Edmonds, and as usual, I'm joined by the lovely Gillian Smith.

[00:00:14]  Gillian: Good morning, Saul. How you are doing?

[00:00:16]  Saul: I'm great. How are you?

[00:00:17]  Gillian:  I'm fine. 

[00:00:18]  Saul:  Great. Good to hear.  We are the co-founders and creative directors of brand has the creative agency, a local business with a passion for helping our clients grow. Over to you, Gill. 

[00:00:27]  Gillian: Okay, well, today, we'll chat about the topic of website marketing for local businesses in Brisbane, Australia. In this episode will strive to make website marketing simple for everyone to understand a little more about it will cover the key components of an effective web marketing strategy. Plus give you some simple tips for turning likes into leads.  

[00:00:49] Saul: Let's get started. 

[00:00:50]  Gillian: Well, web marketing begins with a strategy, a plan, a roadmap. So Saul, in your experience, one of the key ways to grow your market, grow and market your website online? 

[00:01:02]  Saul: Growing market your website online. Well, there's the options that we've got online, in the digital space of greater than we've ever had before. And that's not likely to change us, it's likely to increase I'm sure. So there's a range of different ways that we have to do that online. One of the primary ones is, of course, social media, and tell people about it. Because that's if you keep the simple idea with anything, whether it's social media, or actually even print media. But specifically online, if you keep the idea in your head, that you really just need to find where your ideal target market resides online and find them and then really give them what they're looking for because some of those people are going to be already pre-qualified leads, they're already looking for what you're going to actually give them in terms of a service or product so there's that way, you've also got AdWords, and you've got other Pay Per Click systems, for Facebook, and so on.

[00:02:28]  Gillian: Okay, well, we've got a list here of the top nine ways that you can use web website marketing to grow your business. And I guess the first one here is, as usual, and we talked about it a lot on this channel is branding, your branding and your logo design, how does that fit into your web marketing strategy, Saul?

[00:02:45] Saul: Yeah, so that's, that's once again, at the heart of everything. So no matter which way you're going to deliver your message..  

[00:02:53]  Gillian: and then the higher QAs it.

[00:02:54]  Saul:  That's right. Yeah, no matter which way you look at it, whether it's via social media, or via AdWords, or via whatever method online, you still have to come back to a good brand message, and great visuals relating to your brand because at the heart of it, it's going to do two things, it's going to send the right messages if you spent the right effort, time thinking about it, and then energy into all that material. It's sending the right message. But it's also time saving too, because then you're not reinventing the wheel every time you think about all this stuff.

[00:03:33]  Gillian: Okay, well, SEO is the next thing. We'll talk about SEO and web marketing,

[00:03:37]  Saul: SEO. What is SEO stands for?

[00:03:39]  Gillian:  search engine optimization. Yeah, that's right so when people say, people hear the word, SEO, a lot of people have no idea what that means. A Search Engine Optimization means that you  aren't optimizing the search engines you're optimizing your website to be well read by search engines, because the search engines are looking for a good match  and so they're looking to find the right results for people who are searching for something and they have to put that in some sort of order. So in order for you to rank higher than other people, really, there's a competitive aspect to it. But there's also you just doing what you should be doing. And really going back to the right messages, which flows through to the right terminology.

[00:04:37]  Gillian: Okay, well, next, it's email marketing. So how can you use email marketing to feed into your website marketing strategy?  

[00:04:44]  Saul:  Email marketing.  Is email marketing dead? No, it's not. I mean, for some people, yes, it is. Because they think just because there's newer methods out now it's not, but it's a great, just few all your digital marketing, as all parts or tools in the mix. People still read emails, yes, they are used to seeing lots of spam emails. But I've got a theory about that, which is that they're not the only sick of email marketing, because there's no good content in it. If there's good content, and they already, even if they're a little bit interested, but it's a bit different, and it's relevant, and it's good content, then you're already a step ahead of most people, because you're putting a little bit more thought into it. So as part of the marketing mix, it's still a really great tool.

[00:05:37]  Gillian: Okay, well, what about on-site website optimization? How does that feed into helping you reach your marketing goals?

[00:05:43]  Saul: Okay,  it's obviously a part of SEO, but specifically, on side comes back yet again, all these things that seems to be a common thread here, I think, doesn't a job like this, there's a question thing that you're trying to engineer your website to match for certain terms, or you want to rank for, still, if you never lose sight of the fact that that has to tie in to your brand, you can never go wrong because ultimately Google still does. It's trying to simulate real world activity so if you're true to your brand, and your true to your message, and then  you're including things in there to tweak it and to optimize it, really can't wrong so that's a crucial part. 

[00:06:39]  Gillian: And what about Google Analytics when it comes to web marketing? is Google Analytics, your best friend?

[00:06:45]  Saul: It is, if you understand it, yes. So Google Analytics is pretty can be pretty in depth.  It's got a number of simple sets of the for people to read, which give people just general idea of the amount of traffic per week, month, every day, what people are looking at what, but it's got a deeper set of analytics and information around the different sort of activity that's happening on your site, so ideally, if you want to get the most out of Google Analytics, Google runs the show, really so they  analytics about your site and their services, despite what anyone thinks about Google ss the great tools. If you can understand them, ideally, them with some help from someone like us to be able to help you understand what these things actually mean.

[00:07:50] Gillian: So if you're starting off with web marketing, should you think AdWords and cost per click advertising? Is that a good solution?

[00:07:58] Saul: Yeah, so AdWords, the biggest hurdle. I think for people with AdWords, is that like with a lot of things online, they don't, nobody knows, until they actually get leads whether something is going to work. And that's fair enough. Like there's element of, obviously of starting of element of faith of standing. But the reality is that with Google AdWords, if you can work out, because it's a cost per click that you pay, anytime somebody clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount might be for $5, $10, $15 and $20. 

[00:08:39]  Gillian: As low as $1.

[00:08:40]  Saul: Yeah, that's right. And so yeah, you have control over that about what you want to actually to bid. It's not made up for you. 

[00:08:51]  Gillian: You have to think about when you're going to run your ad. What did you add text? Yeah, it's a fairly big picture. 

[00:08:57]  Saul: Yeah. So that with all of that, in the mix, ultimately, what it means is it is if you get your spending, right, and about what you want to spend, and what you want to get out of it with a good strategy and plan. And if you can make a profit from that from a certain amount that you spend in order to get those leads, then it's a great solution, because you can get leads the next day  so it's an immediate answer to having leads.

[00:09:30]  Gillian: Okay, well, the next element of an effective web strategy is unique content. How important is unique quality content in any web marketing strategy?

[00:09:40]  Saul: Well, it's important for a range of reasons. One very simple one, too, is that there's a lot more sophistication in terms of search engines for realizing duplicate content so more than ever, and it's very sophisticated. So one, because you don't want somebody to go to your competitive side. And your side  is too similar or the same, ideally not the same, because that's called copying. But and also because you can actually get penalized by Google for that sort of content, but also because you want to put your own unique spin naturally on your business, and it's not that hard to do.

[00:10:26]  Gillian: Okay, well, another one is a web marketing strategy, which you may not have considered yet. And that is, infographics, infographics are incredibly popular, aren't they?

[00:10:35] Saul: So yeah, they are.  Traditionally, infographics were about data visualization, about showing charts and things that would usually look pretty boring. And livening them up. But they're much more than these days. infographics can really convey services, processes, things relating to products. Why is that would usually be much more complex to explain in a in a fun, interesting, striking visual sort of way. And really, really one of the web. So in general, really great design all-rounder as they can be animated us on social media, on your website anywhere. 

[00:11:19]  Gillian: Okay, and the next one we're going to come to is video marketing and video content now. So it's video content important to consider in your web marketing strategy today? 

[00:11:29]  Saul: Okay, so about 2020, which is next year, the video content will comprise 80% of all the internet's traffic. So that's huge. So that says one very simple thing is that video, namely on platforms like YouTube, or Vimeo, but probably primarily on YouTube is super important.

[00:11:55]  Gillian: Okay, well, finally, when choosing a web agency or marketing agency to work with, so what should you look out for?

[00:12:02]  Saul: Where you should look for, first of all,  what you want from an agency, ideally, get some great reviews, personal referrals, and make an assessment based on what you want, mixed with a great portfolio and the sort of quality of work and then ultimately, just being able to speak or meet with people is great to be able to assess that and that's it. Yes again, for today. guys. Thank you so much for listening. Before we go, and please don't forget to rate review and subscribe to this podcast. We'd love to hear your feedback. Also, if you'd like to read the transcript of this episode, please visit our website at roundhouse.cc/web-design. We are on a journey to help local Brisbane businesses grow their opportunities online and exceed their goals. Thanks for listening and we'll see you tomorrow. Bye. Bye.