Episode 12: Website Designers Brisbane Qld




[00:00:00]  Saul:  Hello everybody and welcome to the Web Design Brisbane podcast. This is episode number 12 and today's episode is entitled Website Designers, Brisbane, Queensland. My name is Saul Edmonds, and as usual, I am joined by the lovely Gillian Smith. 

[00:00:13]  Gillian: Good morning, Saul and hello everybody. 

[00:00:15]  Saul: Yes. Hello. Yes, again, we are the co-founders and creative directors of ran has the creative agency, a local business with a passion for helping our clients grow. Over to you, Gill. 

[00:00:25]  Gillian: Okay, well, in today's episode, we will focus on website designers in Brisbane. What do website design is actually do? How can they help you to grow your business? What range of services can you access when you choose to work with a local website designer? Now our goal is to help local Brisbane businesses grow their business with strategic website design. And to learn more about the web design process as well. 

[00:00:54]  Saul: Let's find out about more of today's content.

[00:00:57]  Gillian: Okay, well, today we're focused on web design, with an overview of the services that most web designers offer, and how they will work with you to create a tailored website design and then we'll go on to chat about the benefits of working and partnering with local Brisbane website design team.

[00:01:16]  Saul:  So let's get started. Okay, first question, Saul. What do website designers do?

[00:01:21]  Saul: Yeah, what do they do? In a nutshell, most websites, taking your site from the initial planning phase to the project design and development stage, right through to completion. This includes launch ongoing maintenance, and of course, revisions, so the people, obviously, the key word there is design that comes in a few different forms, just to break down, people will often do one of a few different things, when they design, they'll work from some sort of starting point from some sort of template solution. Depending on the content management system that's used to build your website, like WordPress, for example, you may start from a particular starting point. And you've got particular tools in place to actually design it within the content management system itself, still to make a completely custom look and feel that suits the brand. Another approach is that you do a static layout inside whatever application people use, like Photoshop or Illustrator that is shown to the client in a static form, then once that is approved, then that exact design and layout is turned into a fully working version within their chosen content management system. Broadly,  that's a couple of broad ways that people commonly use when they're doing web design.

[00:03:03] Gillian: If you're looking to work with a website designer, you may be wondering, what range of services can they take, typically help you out with? So in our opinion, and the best web designers will always offer a suite of related services, and that's basically they're like a one stop web design shop. This suite of services include such elements, of course, as web strategy. Okay, so this is really the starting point of your website process is figuring out how is your website strategically going to grow your business.

[00:03:36]  Saul: It's kind of include the development of some sort of roadmap for your project to establish milestones, and also meeting up to.

[00:03:44]  Gillian: Okay, from once your web strategies in place, you want to move on to the website design itself. Now, a custom-tailored website design will be the best solution because it'll reflect your brand. And also, it'll definitely be mobile friendly.

[00:03:59]  Saul: Yeah, that's right. What about branding, Gill?

[00:04:01]  Gillian: Well, your brand is very important, of course, to your website, and so ideally, your website designer will take your brand to the heart of any design that they develop so your brand really is infusing and absolutely is the foundation for your website design. Make sure that your website designer starts with your brand. Right at the forefront there.

[00:04:24]  Saul: Yeah, that's right and they haven't got brand guidelines given to them. If they're not brand designers or designers themselves, then they probably won't be able to help you out with that. Define somebody who can in element anyways, very important.

[00:04:42]  Gillian: One thing you don't want is for a small business website, you really don't want your website to look like a template. You really want it to be custom fitted to you to suit what do you want to do where you want to go. Okay, so from the web design, where does will develop sitting here? And should do website designer, also help you out with the web development side of things.

[00:05:04]  Saul: Yeah, that's right. So ideally, having it all in one place is great, it makes things easier for everyone. There's a smoother flow, things are done more quickly, there's less time in between revisions.  I got some options here from a custom-tailored CMS or content management system like WordPress, to a web framework built from the ground up so one simple example would be, we use a framework called Laravel that's used to build things from the ground up, if need be. So we only do things like that, if there's really a requirement in the project to do it and having things inside something like WordPress that's got a range of different features already. If you don't need to make it more complicated. You don't, you go with what is going to be the best result for the project. That's what about web design is an e commerce websites job?

[00:06:09]  Gillian: Well, web, hopefully your website designer can also assist you out with ecommerce solutions. 

[00:06:17]  Saul: Oh, yeah. That's right. Any good content management system, like WordPress will also then have the facility for things like WooCommerce in a to be able to implement that for you.

[00:06:31]  Gillian: What about website designers? Should they be able to help you out with the SEO side of your website, which is the web development side way, it's going to be really tailored for search engines? 

[00:06:43] Saul:. Yeah, that's right. It's all intertwined so website design, and development, and then your content, which then flows through to SEO is a really key part because not only does the content impact on the SEO, but your design, those two with how quickly things are going to load, how you navigate through and so forth so yes, 

[00:07:06]  Gillian: Okay, well, finally, so what from your point of view are the advantages of working with local website designers, particularly if you're here in Brisbane?

[00:07:14]  Saul: Okay. So I think the key thing really there is that a local, and that you have an opportunity. Not everyone always has the time to meet, but if people really want to meet, and they want to have somebody that understands also their local area, because their local market and the local market, because they're a local themselves, and ultimately, their business themselves too. They already know, they are not just a designer, they're  business owners too, so they get it, they understand, and then you can meet with them and talk with them. Not only but the process that you're going through, but if you've got any concerns that you need to bring up or you just need to meet up to go over something that's going to save a bit of time, instead of exchanging emails and phone calls, then you can do it, and it's really like a win for everyone. So, with that in mind, guys, that's actually it for today. Thanks so much for listening again. Before we go, please don't forget to rate review and subscribe to this podcast. Would love to hear your feedback. We're on a journey to help local Brisbane businesses grow their opportunities online and exceed their goals. Thanks again for listening and we'll see you tomorrow. Bye

[00:08:37]  Gillian: Bye, guys.