10 More Fantastic Flash Works with Great Soundtracks

by Saul Edmonds
flash lion - web.jpg

We continue with our occasional series of 10+ Flash Webworks - all of which feature great sound design.

We continue our allegiance to Flash as a medium - it offers so much potential for innovation.

Beyond the rhetoric - HTML5 is no replacement for this level of interactivity .. oh, and .. umm .. we still like our iphones.


1. thedigitalinvaders.com - Spacey sound styling with quirky cinematic score overlays. Nice.

2. legoclick.com - Lego good.

3. vobnedir.org - Find me some rollicking turkey hoopla music.

4. twittermagnets.com - Poetic ambience maximus.

5. africa.puma.com - A percussive understatement to great effect.

6. lucasarts.com - The fun n synthy version of the real deal with nice tech-bot details.

7. uniqlo.com/uk - Retro influenced soundtrack in a promo for the japanese fashion store.

8. discover.sonystyle.com/internettv - A fresh feel corporate soundtrack for the latest TV innovations from Sony.

9.demo.fb.se/e/apoteket/sneezeaid - Sneezing has never been so stylish.

10. soytuaire.labuat.com - Inky drawings accompany some warm acoustic tones.

by Saul Edmonds