12 Ways To Promote Your App For FREE

How To Promote Your App For Free

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"Living a frugal lifestyle gives you the opportunity to invest more money towards your future." ― John Rampton

How To Save Money & Achieve More Downloads

All the hard work is over, you spent countless hours developing your mobile app, you uploaded it to the App Store, and you are sitting back waiting for the rush of traffic to come and make use of your new app. 

You may find however, that even though the app store has your app in their directory, progress is slow and you just are not seeing the results that you had hoped. 

It is not time to give up now, all you need to do is get some interest in your application by way of free advertising. 

Promoting your app for free takes a certain degree of skill and persistence, but once you reach that threshold, the gates will fly open and steady traffic will begin to utilise your app and explode your downloads. 

Here are a few simple ways on how to promote your app for free:

1. Find Influencers & Do Guest Post Blogging
Spend some time looking online for industry experts who have blogs, see if they would be interested in sharing your app on their blog. Offer to make a guest post on all the reasons their followers could benefit from downloading the app. If you have a free version, allow them to offer this to their followers with zero risk. This technique could have thousands flooding your app in short order.

2. Power of Hashtags
Try to get some buzz concerning the name of your app. Use the name of your app as a hashtag, and promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It could wind up getting some traction and if it hits the trending pages, you may see a huge rush of traffic today.

3. Get More Reviews
There are a number of app review websites online, so start working on building up a list you can contact. Create an email describing the benefits of your app and simply personalise it a little for the website you are contacting. These personalised pitches might peak the interest of one or more, so it is a numbers game, keep emailing.

4. ASO - App Store Optimization
If you are not familiar with App Store optimization, now is the time to get familiar with the process. Getting your app to the top of the searches is key with so much competition these days. Each day you are not taking action to get to the front of the search listings, you are simply losing ground to your competition.

5. Link To Other Apps
When you have more than one app, you can link the new app to the other apps so that people who already have download the app can get a free upgrade with new features, one of them being a link to another app that you have. Users who are already happy with your service will gladly follow the link to the new app and possibly download it. If nothing else, they may promote it to their inner circle of friends.

6. Try Simple Print Marketing
Don't be afraid to try some older methods of marketing. Create a flyer and hang it on the bulletin board at schools, the supermarket, or the coffee shop. Even if you get one or two new downloads, you spent minimal effort on this technique. 

7. Create Bookmarking Links
Bookmarking is a popular way to get a huge amount of traffic to your mobile app. Find the top ten bookmarking sites, and just promote your app in a way that gets some attention. If a few people see and share the links via their social marketing platforms, your link and app could be exposed to a new audience instantly.

8. The Power of Forums
There are a number of discussion forums that are geared towards your niche. Sign up and become an active participant. This is not the place to spam the forum, just link to your app in your signature, and in time, the users of that discussion group will poke around and want to see more about who you are. When you become an authority in your niche, it is easier for users to feel at ease about clicking those links. 

9. Promote via Twitter
If you do not have a Twitter profile yet, now is the time. Take the time to create a profile, link to your app in the App Store, and send out compelling tweets each day with the correct hashtags for your niche. When you are promoting an app that has a wide array of fonts, using hashtags like #fonts, #writing, and #webdesign, could attract the targeted audience you are looking for.

10. Get Involved With Facebook Groups
Even though Facebook is flooded with advertisements these days, you can still use Facebook groups to get out the word about your app for free. Join groups that have to do with your subject matter, then participate in the discussions. Once you get some notoriety, you can start talking about your free app to the group. There are also hundreds of Facebook Groups that only review each others work, so try to get more eyes on your apps that way too.

11. Start A Blog
One of the easiest ways to get some buzz about your app is to simply write about it. There are hundreds of article directories online that accept original submissions, all you have to do is write a compelling article. If you are not very good at writing articles, there are dozens of writer websites online where you could pay someone to write the content for you. Websites like Textbroker and iWriter have professional writers on standby around the clock that will create unique and high-quality content in hours for you so that you can blast the article submission sites with your message.

12. Encourage Feedback & Build A Community
Encourage someone who has bought your app to leave you feedback. One of the ways you can climb the ranks in the App Store is to simply have more feedback than others in your niche. Another way that you can get free feedback, is to simply offer review copies of your app to anyone interested in checking it out. If there is a premium on the app and you tell someone you will give them a free review copy in exchange for them leaving the appropriate feedback, you could start climbing the organic searches in the App Store quickly.

Now you know how to promote your app for free and get a larger audience interested in your application - get started and get more downloads today!

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