An Introduction to ASO (App Store Optimization)

How To Boost Your App Sales with ASO

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“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” ―Jeff Eisenberg

Improve App Visibility

App store optimization (ASO) is the process by which you improve the visibility of your mobile app within the App Store. With millions of new downloads available each year, it can be easy to get lost, especially if your app falls into one of the more popular categories. 

The higher you can get your app placed in the App Store, the better chance you get a steady stream of downloads, that is the short and sweet version of the process. That being said, even the experts will tell you that app store optimization is a very tough process if you do not have a plan in place.

The following guide should help you to boost your app sales with app store optimization.

  • Your App's Title & Description Are Key

If you did nothing else in your efforts to make app store optimization work for you, it is imperative you begin to focus on the title and description of your app.

When you have a unique app name and simply use it as the title, how can you expect anyone to find it? If they have never heard of the app before, they will never even consider searching for that term. That being said, if you have done your homework and know several long-tail keywords for your niche, you can sprinkle them in the title and descriptions to get you a huge boost of traffic. 

It is more likely a visitor to the App Store will search "navigational system" than they will "Bob's Traffic Eliminator". If that was the name of your app, adding the long-tail keyword to the title and placing several of them in the description will get you a nice boost.

  • Include Your App's Features In The Description

One of the easiest ways to get more consumers to open your app is to make your audience believe they need your app. When your app is providing a service, you need to create that buzz that this app has actually helped many people. Let your audience know how they will benefit from downloading it.

Place all the positive features in the description, and stand behind your work.

If you can convince your audience in the description that your app is something they should not be without, then you will have an easier time getting them to hit the download button and taking you up on that offer.

  • Be Iconic

One of the ways that many users search through the App Store is by the icons. In fact, if there are hundreds of apps in your niche and a person is finger scrolling down the list, if your icon does not grab their attention, they scroll right on by.

Consider the icon to be like your business card, and you only have one chance at that first impression.

The design should be simple and yet tell the story of what your app is all about. That balance can be challenging, but you will know when you strike gold. 

  • Use Quality Screenshots

Within the app description, you simply must have several screen shots to let the user know what they can be in for.

If the screenshots are high-quality and really give the user the chance to get a feel for the inner-workings of the app, users are more likely to press the download button.

  • The Power of Social

Make sure that you utilise social share buttons within the app.

Even if a user does not want to download, they may know a close friend who would.

The share buttons go out like a referral from a friend, and can help to give you a better placement in the App Store if enough people are sharing the content.

When it comes to app store optimization, just because you only use Facebook does not mean everyone does. Google + has been steadily growing in popularity and will even get you ranked on some pages for relevant keywords too.

  • Take Advantage of Reviews & Ratings

One of the algorithms that the App Store uses to rank apps is reviews and ratings.

If your app has an average of one star with several poor ratings, you sink to the bottom of the search ranking. If you had a ton of five-star reviews and the feedback was stellar, you climb quickly to the top of your category in the App Store. 

Most people will not take the time to leave feedback, so you need to get creative in nudging them a little. 

Telling users in the description of the app that in order to keep producing high-quality apps that you need some love as far as feedback, it might work. Others turn to social media to nudge their users to go back and rate the app.

  • Search & The ASO Algorithm

When users are actively using one of your apps, the App Store has algorithms in place to move your app higher or lower in the search standing based on that one feature alone. 

If users are using the app each month, and more client engagement is occurring, you get a boost in the ranking. If less people each month are using the app and you are also losing users who are deleting the app, this is bad for your ranking. You should be constantly improving the app based on user feedback, then sending out free downloads to improved versions.

  • Engage Active Users

Another way that the App Store determines where to rank your app in the store in by the amount of time users are making use of your app.
If users are still participating with the app each day, and new users are coming on board steadily, then you get more exposure. If users are spending less time using the app and customer engagement is sinking, so will your placement.

You can see that many of these ranking factors aren't in your control, so build useful and high-quality apps to help those applications get better placement in the App Store.


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