18 Point Checklist For Your Mobile UX Design

Top 18Keys To A Successful Mobile UX Design

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In a recent study that was conducted by IBM, they discovered that for every dollar that you are investing in the User Experience (UX), it will return between ten and a hundred fold on the original investment. With so many different ways to enhance the user experience, many people get overwhelmed thinking they have too little or too many, and simply do nothing. This is a very important part of app development, so having a detailed checklist allows you to work through everything to make sure you are giving your customers the best possible user experience.

The following detailed information will greatly help your project coordinator in designing and moving forward with the mobile product development project. Just because there are a thousand ways to enhance the user experience, does not mean that you have to be using them all.

If you follow this mobile UX design checklist, your users are going to be raving about the experience. 

1. Comprehensive Data
Make sure that before you begin groundwork on your app - you know exactly what type of metrics must be tracked or acquired from the user that has downloaded your app.

2. User Flow
Before you release your app - in order to ensure everyone is having the best possible user experience - the flow of your app needs to be tested so you see how your user engages with your app, from screen to screen, until they reach their desired result.

3. The Red Route
It is important that during the design of your app, your developer logically groups functions and content in line with what your users require.

4. User Feedback
Experience shows that your app will mature as users grow and your community flourishes. Your users are going to give you plenty of feedback about what changes they want. Be sure you have a system in place for listening to those requests and taking quick action before you lose your audience. 

5. The 5 W's
If you want to perfect the user experience during app development, your team needs to be asking the five w's of design; who is the app for, what are they using it for, when will they use it, where are they using it, why do they need this app?

6. Analysing Competition
Just don't let the competition steamroll your business, take the time to see what they are doing right, what are they doing wrong, what could you do better, and what are they doing you need to be doing? Don't reinvent the wheel, just make it better.

7. The Prototype
Don't put all that effort into making features in your app before you see how they work on paper. Draw out exactly how each part of the user experience will deliver value, and if it is not something that enhances the experience, move on.

8. Brainstorming
Get all the people on this project in one room and grab the whiteboards! A nice brainstorming session could open doors to ideas no one even considered before. It is amazing what can come from a brainstorming session where everyone has a voice to be heard.

9. The Style Sheet
A style sheet will help everyone to be on the same page as far as visual consistency between all the screens. Once you come up with at least two versions, you will be able to ultimately test A/B variations and clearly determine the version that is most desirable. 

10. Wire-framing
This digital blueprint will help the team to structure the user story, red routes, and flow of the app while defining how the navigation system ties everything together.

11. Gesture Support
Not every user is going to be right-handed. Make sure there is adequate focus on swiping for different users, dragging, pinching, rotating, and motion detection that could be affected by different wearables or smartphones.

12. Loading Times
No one likes a slow-loading app, so be sure to test loads during different parts of the user experience. If things are grinding to a halt, trim the fat and get things moving along before users begin leaving poor feedback.

13. Error Attribution
There are going to be errors along the way, from a user entering the wrong password to the app crashing. Make sure the team can identify who is responsible for the error and how it is communicated to the right people to get it fixed. Usability issues early on in the app release can sink a ship quickly.

14. Pop-Ups
The pop-up can be useful to help getting feedback from the user, but if it interrupts their experience or happens to frequently, you are going to lose them by distracting from the overall experience.

15. Font Size
The size of the font that you are using in the app can have a huge impact on user experience. If the user has to keep pinching the screen to read the content, they are going to grow increasingly frustrated with the experience. Stick with a font size at 14px or 16px, then let the user adjust if needed.

16. Call-to-Action
The call to action buttons, links, images, must be clearly visible or the user could scroll right by it and you lose an opportunity. If you can squint your eyes and the call-to-action is gone, you didn't make it clear enough. Bold is better in this instance. 

17. Settings Feature
The majority of people who use your app are going to want to customise the settings to their own liking. This is a good thing, unless you make it a challenge for them to change the settings. Make it simple for the user to change their experience.

18. Mobile Interactions
Be sure that you have plenty of social share buttons or ways the user can share the experience with their inner circle easily. Making life for user easier will result in more targeted traffic finding your app.

This 18 point checklist for your mobile UX design should help you to get the project off to a great start and hit the ground running. Many of these steps are a work in progress and are ongoing, so if your users are making requests to enhance your app experience - listen, take action and adjust accordingly. Good luck with your new app!


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