What is the Difference Between a Marketing Agency and a Brand Agency?

Brand Agency vs Marketing Agency - How To Choose The Right Solution For Your Business

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“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” ― Robert Frost

Brand First, Market Second

Perhaps you are wondering what is the difference between a marketing agency and a brand agency, so today we are going to paint a clear picture so there will be no doubt in your mind. 

When you better understand the difference in marketing and branding, you will be able to move your business in the right direction and in the correct order.

At the most basic level, marketing is the process of pushing your message to the target audience where branding is more about creating attention to your company. So to better understand, the branding comes first, then the marketing follows. Your company owns your marketing, your customers own your brand.

The Role Of Your Marketing Agency

The marketing agency does not have to develop the theme or logo for your company, all that is in place already. The marketing agency is going to discuss with a company their goals and core values, then try to align an advertising strategy that will connect with the most qualified consumers. This can only be done successfully if the branding has already been completed by a brand agency.

The Role Of Your Brand Agency

The brand agency is all about helping to identify your business values and help give them a face. The brand of your company goes out like a beacon to the world, and if done correctly, connects with people on an emotional level. The brand is how the consumer will be able to identify your company from the millions in your niche, so it really has to be done with creative skill, care and focus. 

Remember - Your Brand Is More Than Your Logo

When it comes to branding, we think of a brand-name, packaging, and graphic identity. 

Branding is not just the process of creating a compelling logo that resonates with buyers, branding is more about ideas, perceptions, notions about the company, a product, or the service. If you can connect to a buyer on an emotional level, then the marketing aspect will be easier because they are already invested emotionally. 

Marketing is a more complex aspect because you are taking one company and one core set of values and trying to reach a global audience. Think of branding as the bulls-eye on the dart board, and marketing and the entire rest of the board. Marketing is all about doing anything that will attract a large majority of people to show some interest in the company. 

Brand For the Long Term, Market For The Mid Term

One week a certain marketing technique may work, then next month a whole new approach could show bigger results. With marketing, you have to get immediate results in order to continue the process. Marketing is not about developing long-term relationships like with branding, this mid-term approach is all about getting more people though the doors. 

The goal of the branding agency is to help a business to connect with and then establish longer relationships with clients. Branding is all about keeping focus on the bigger picture, helping to provide the consumer everything they need that they are not getting from a business in a similar niche. Branding focuses on creating consistent, trusting, coherent, strong relationships.

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