3 Reasons Why Facebook is Essential for Business

by Saul Edmonds

Social Media networks like Facebook have become an essential marketing and networking tool for business today. Building a business online requires companies to be more social then ever before.

There was a time when Social Media was optional for business owners. However, Google now ranks websites according to their social component. To be successful online today - you need to get social.

Facebook has over 1 billion users. Extending your reach amongst customers and prospects has never been easier, faster or more cost effective.

"Social" is the key word today. People use the Internet to interact and build community with others, to find friends, network and gather information. You need to ensure your business is in the right place to take full advantage of all the opportunities that Facebook presents.

Here are 3 top reasons that highlight the importance of Facebook in promoting your business:

1. Build Customer Relationships

Customers are more informed and value conscious than ever before. Before purchasing anything, people like to do research online and find out the credentials of your business or product. 

Being present on Facebook shows your customers that you are genuine and that your brand is actively engaging with people. This lets customers know more about you and your company and in turn encourages sales.

Facebook also gives your business an opportunity to connect with the customers on a one to one basis - get feedback and learn more about your client base. This is great for establishing your brand reputation. 

2. Boost Your Traffic

Facebook is one of the premier sources for high quality traffic and targeted niche markets. It is great for boosting links and referrals to your main company website. 

Social media sites like Facebook have high page ranks on search engines. A Facebook Business page will boost your visibility and SEO performance - and ultimately drive more people to your website.

If you are an online retailer - consider establishing a Facebook store. Selling products directly on your Facebook page is an effective way to boost revenue.

3. Build Your Brand

You can greatly enhance your brand popularity and recognition with Facebook. As more and more people get to know your company, you have more opportunity to connect with people and establish your reputation amongst them.

Every business needs a Facebook Page

It is a place to offer your customers additional value by way of information and customer service. 

Get Started!

by Saul Edmonds