13 Steps To Creating Leads on Twitter

13 Steps To Using Twitter for Lead Generation

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Simple Ways to Use Twitter To Grow Leads & Opportunities for Your Business

Growing your Twitter following is very important.

Twitter provides the opportunity to reach a global audience with every 'tweet' that you make.

One popular post can get retweeted and favorited by new followers who have the potential to share that message with their inner circle instantly.

Being able to generate leads on Twitter is not as difficult as you might think. Take the time to consider these 13 steps for creating Twitter leads and you could see an explosion in your client base in a very short time.

1. Surveying Your Twitter Followers

Ask your audience how your business can solve their problems. Ask your current followers to share their professional concerns. Survey your audience and see how they reply. This will give you an insight as to how you can target your potential leads on Twitter.

2. Offering a Unique Solution

Once you identify what the biggest problem that your audience has, either create a product or promote one that addresses their needs. This can often open the gates and transform followers into loyal customers.

3. Educating Your Customers

Take the time to create a simple report that you can give away for free that focuses on a problem your audience has and how your company can help them solve that problem. 

4. Video or Report Landing Page

Once you grab the customers attention on how your business can solve a problem, give them a link to a related landing page on your website. The landing page must be stand alone, meaning it has no distractions on it other that the information you promised.

5. Collecting Contact Information

The only information that should be on this landing page is the description of the problem, and what they are going to learn from getting this video or free report. The purpose here is to collect email contact information in exchange for the report or video. There is no need to waste time talking about the product, your goal here is simple.

6. Email Tools for Marketing

An email auto responder will allow you to respond to new email contacts automatically. It can also send out a thank you message once the customer enters their information on the landing page.

7. Download Page

After the lead enters their information on the landing page, they will be redirected to a new page where you can thank them again and give them the link to the video or free report.

8. Getting Traffic to That Landing Page

Now to increase your leads you need to send a Tweet with the link to the landing page on it. In the space of that short Tweet - address a problem and hint at the solution. Use an URL shortener so that you can utilize those 140 spaces with text. 

9. Auto Respond Messages

Now that visitors have filled out their contact information on the landing page, send out a series of messages. The first goes right after they access the free information, then remind them how to upload the information, followed by a message that asks them to share their experience and encourage others to grab the information.

10. The Importance of Reminders

Each day for a week you need to send out a reminder to your subscribers. These messages can explain how you have helped others with a similar problem or give examples of how you turned others around. Keep the information light and friendly.

11. Never Sell the Product Yet

Now is not the time to be promoting your product or trying to solicit sales. Just keep focusing those messages on WHY they need to make a change.

12. How to Solve the Problem

The last email you send should address the solution to the problem. Now that your subscribers understand how that problem can be solved, you are open to begin conversation incorporating the different products and services you provide that will address that specific issue effectively.

13. Rinse and Repeat

Look for unique problems that your company can address and get to work repeating the process all over again. You can have several email databases that focus on different products and services. This will allow you to build a long lasting relationship with targeted audiences.


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