5 Great Content Pieces You Can Make in Less Than 5 Minutes

by Saul Edmonds

Learn how to Make 5 Content Pieces Made in Under 5 Minutes

Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.
Franz Kafka

Creative Content Ideas That Work

Creating content for your website does not have to be an epic task that takes hours or days to go from idea to concept.

It is possible to create compelling content in record time with the right strategy.

You may be surprised to learn that there are actually ways you can create quality content in less than five minutes.s. Here are some top tips and tricks that will allow you to create some impressive content in less time than it will take to read this article.

1. Use Video To Answer a Question

Choose a subject that you get the most questions about. Then answer that question while using video.

There are several free programs available that will allow you to record and upload a high quality video quite easily. Most smartphones today have a video feature that can then be sent to an email and uploaded on your website. Look over your FAQ page for a subject that is being asked frequently, and spend five minutes telling your audience how to fix the issue. Place an introduction paragraph before the video, and within minutes you just added some fresh content that is both relevant and search worthy.

2. Sharing Albums of Photos

When it comes to getting more sales, never has the old adage been truer that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The picture might not tell the whole story, but adding it to your website blog in minutes in a definite plus. If you recently held a seminar or special event, upload the album and allow your customers to enjoy. Many who did not attend will love to see the action up close and personal, and if you employ the power of the social media button, they can share that content with their inner circle with the click of a mouse. Now that is what you call an easy upload with huge potential.

3. Reflecting on a Quote

Choose your favourite quote or a picture that has some sort of inspirational message on it and elaborate why this touches you.

This is so easy it might be done in less than five minutes if you get good at it. Simply find a picture or quote that has significant meaning to you. Type out your thoughts or again upload a short video as to why this message is so important to you. The reflection on the message does not have to be long at all. Give your reading audience something that they can think about or share with their family and friends. At the least, you get interaction and the chance for your thoughts to reach a whole new audience.

4. Gather Up Your Favourite Links

Share some industry links related to your niche with your customers.

Social media allows your message to be seen by thousands in seconds, so choose a link to a product or service related to your niche that could actually help out your clients. Then when you check your analytics later in the month, observe which of your posts got the most interaction, compile a grouping of the top five and add more links to the list.

5. Updating a Blog Post

Look for a blog post you previously made and simply update it.

Maybe you have changed your position or modified your thoughts, maybe the product has since upgraded, or maybe your ideas in the post needed more clarification. Change the publishing date of the post after you make the changes, and hit the upload button. Now you have a fresh piece of content that took minutes to create. It appears new, and provides your audience with fresh and relevant content.

Getting Creative With Your Content

These are just a few ideas to give you the chance to add fresh content to your website in minutes.

Many people over think this process, and they wind up not posting anything for days because they get overwhelmed. Start small and just add one new piece of content a day, utilising 5 minutes of your time maximum.

As you get better, you will find other ways to add more content in less time, making your customers happy, and giving the search engines a reason to come back to your website over and over again.


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