ConnectWorking website launch

by Saul Edmonds

We have just launched the brand spankin’ new website for ConnectWorking.

In the words of Vicki Sparks - Director & Founder of ConnectWorking

ConnectWorking is a multi-award winning relationship marketing organisation specialising in Strategic Alliance facilitation and creating profitable connections. Acting like a ‘Business Dating Service’ ConnectWorking creates opportunities for business owners to establish valuable relationships, expand their network, promote their business and gain advice from leading business experts.

As a strategic business network, ConnectWorking provides targeted networking events, specialised alliance facilitation services, leading relationship marketing training and mentoring, promotional opportunities and proven networking systems. All of which are designed to give clients a strategic advantage in the realm of networking and relationship marketing.

ConnectWorking was founded in 2004 by Vicki Sparks, who, in her own frustration was determined to establish a networking model that would generate ‘win, win’ business opportunities for all involved and create powerful and profitable connections.  Now in our 8th year, ConnectWorking has helped hundreds of businesses build their profile with specialised networking training, events and business generating tools and processes.


The website we have built for ConnectWorking also features some invaluable Networking Training E-Books for sale here. Well worth a look for any business.


by Saul Edmonds