Flock v3.5 Browser Takes Flight

Flock now flies faster than ever.

Flock is a social web browser. The recently released update utilizes the power of the Chromium platform - the only other browser to use it is Google Chrome. (Previously, Flock used the Mozilla’s Gecko engine and was a little slower).

Get Social

The web more social than ever.

Flock is a unique browser that seeks to make social media easy. It is free

Flock is all about following, finding, and sharing friends (and information). It is designed to provide a personal one-screen interface to all social networking sites, RSS, media feeds and blogs.

The new 3.5 version introduces a scrolling sidebar that features a constant update from your social networks. This includes Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, and RSS feeds. (Flock requires setup of a free account). Flock is also designed with bloggers in mind and features a blog editor that allows direct posting into any designated blog.

Get Popular

The big advantage of Flock is the integration social networking with a search engine. It essentially keeps you connected with your friends while you are browsing. Flock makes reading, searching, viewing, clicking links, tweeting, sharing pretty darn easy.

To give you some idea of the growing popularity of Flock, the Flock Facebook page has had more than 7.5 million users during the past year.

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