Creative App Review - Flourish

Flourish is a composer’s dream.

Making music made easy - with wonderful graphics to match.

Headphones recommended.

What is Flourish?

  • The basic concept : select instruments, layer sounds, create loops.
  • Compose entire tracks.
  • It’s intuitive, addictive and surprisingly easy to get your head around this nifty app.

Come to Life

Flourish is all about phrases and loops - represented as colourfully strong graphical elements of rather striking beauty. The elegant and evolving visuals is a key feature. Simply select images on screen to extend play or create new musical sequences.

For Your Eyes (and Ears) Only

Flourish opens with a basic screen or stage. Begin by selecting an image onscreen. Simply side your finger to add percussive and melodic symbols. Tap or double tap to effect the current tune in real time.

  • Explore
  • Create.
  • Evolve.

Let the fresh imagery inspire you as you open a chain of symbols and instruments that feed and structure your composition. Layer upon layer.

The intuitive nature of Flourish ensures that anyone can develop a complete performance in a surprisingly short amount of time. Creatively relaxing.

Flourish is recommended. Be sure to check out the interactive tutorial.


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