Creative Energy : 5 Tips for Creating The Best Day Ever

by Saul Edmonds
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  • Energy carries an idea of motion and activity
  • Energy is a source of power. Life is energy
  • Our moments of momentum

Creative Energy may be described as the concentration applied by an individual to the design and resolution of creative tasks.

The ‘Best Day Ever’ as a notion is the recognition of a strongly positive event or sequence within a daily narrative.

Understand your NRG

In the spiral of increasing productivity, creative energy can become exhausted.

‘Chi’ means ‘vital energy’ in Chinese. Chi kung (also known as qi gong) is the science and practice of mastering the vital energies. Meaningfulness and power is achieved by controlling chi / energy. Focus is upon the breath, movement and mind. Creative energy is similarly best served by a disciplined inner and outward regimen.

Consistency is a Virtue

A ‘best day ever’ is the reward of desirable circumstance and intention. Use creative energy - every movement of body, every modicum of mind - to reinforce values and actions, and get the most from your day. To a marked degree, chi is a force charged with purpose, direction and positive attraction.

5 Ways to Use Creative Energy to Create a Great Day

Turn creative energy to practical use.

1. Direct your Forces

Think and speak only of that you wish to happen.

The ‘Law of Intention’ states that deeply held thoughts and persistent action produce direct results. Attention must therefore be creatively applied. Seek to magnify that which is good and of worth. Remind yourself of your goal. Discipline your mind to focus on outcomes that realize your creative vision.

2. Happiness is Happening

Friendship is the root of happiness.

Real friends are the greatest boon to a happy life. Use creative energy to focus on people. Pay attention, listen proactively and interact with everyone in a great way. It is amazing how much positive energy will come right back to you.

3. Positive Energy (and Everything Matters)

‘A still tongue makes a wise head.’ (English Proverb)

There are few things more counterproductive than negative thoughts. If you have them, keep them to yourself. Monitor your internal dialogue, seek to minimise negativity and seek to integrate a positive purpose into everything you do. Successful patterns are practised daily. The actions that bring about the most value are those that are fully integrated into every moment of life.

4. Turn on the Music

‘ If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music.’ (Albert Einstein) 
Music is provides the space to engage and focus your creative energy. Select what suites your mood.

5. Get Feedback from the Flow.

When you are completely focused on your project, you will receive feedback in the form of positive energy. This is a great experience where time ceases to exist and you are alive only in the moment - creating. Get things flowing and find your zone.

Have a GREAT day!

‘Mr. Moon will be shining bright, so the best day ever will last all night.’ (Spongebob Squarepants)

by Saul Edmonds