PicTarot - Reveal your inner Character!

by Saul Edmonds

We just found out about PicTarot via Pictoplasma and we love it, one of the funnest (and only) tarot apps we’ve ever played with. We’re not exactly into the whole tarot thing but couldn’t help foretelling our future via picto-characterisation.

The iphone app also has some great sound design to get you in the foretelling sort of mood and a huge assortment of great pictoplasma characters from talented artists / illustrators worldwide.


In the words of the Pictoplasma crew:

After years of intense research, an ongoing considerate character selection process and some occasional esoteric experimentation, our very own deck of Tarot has found its way into the world.

 “During the recent Pictoplasma Tour we had many opportunities to test the cards’ mystical eye candy on innocent attendees and are now ready for phase two: as of today we and our friends from Delicious Toys officially release the PicTarot’s second incarnation -

Download the PicTarot iPhone App here!



by Saul Edmonds