Gaia - tree fractals as design

by Saul Edmonds

Anthony Styliano of stylissimo pty ltd has created an elegant and innovative product that that be applied in various mediums and applications including glass, wallpaper & barrissol.

His artwork details beautiful fractalised images of trees & plants that sit somewhere between stained glass and avante-garde art installation. A truly unique concept, his works are available for residential & commercial applications, including in digiglass - created by encapsulating a computer or photographic image in full colour, high resolution, in Class One safety glass.

ROUNDHOUSE has created the identity for ‘GAIA’ as seen above and we’ll be launching the GAIA website in mid January 2011 so keep a look out, the work at gaia is visually stunning in its simplicity & patterning.

Get a glimpse of it here.


by Saul Edmonds