When is Bad Music Actually Good?

by Saul Edmonds
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The Critic

The good, the bad and the (merely) ok - are intrinsic concepts that underscore our work as professional designers and musicians. With an oftentimes brutal assessment of our creations, we determine if a work is to be carefully nurtured in the light of day or darkly buried without remorse in the dungeon/ trash/ delete.

As creatives, ideas are our stock in trade. We must confront the validity of the good/ bad dichotomy on a daily basis. A careful and confident decision making process ultimately determines client response and work value.

Critical Thinking

  • The good, the bad and project management.
  • The right answer vs the right process.

Every designer/ musician makes the call.

Bad as Prototype : many bad ideas to make one good.

Negative/ positive notions are most effective when utilized as deductive methodologies.

It was Albert Einstein who famously said ‘The physicist’s greatest tool is his wastebasket.’

Process should be prioritized and focused.

While perfection is never possible, creativity is ultimately an expression of the sum choices that exist between objective and solution. Sets of restrictions frame outcomes at all times. Restrictions create tension. This is challenging and exciting.

Remember, design strategies are always rough guides (rather than maps).

  • Idealism and idea-ism
  • Don’t stop believing.
  • Design is a process, hyperbola, spectrum and social response.
  • Subject to the vagaries of fashion.

People change and the world keeps moving. What was once ‘bad’ - can be redefined and invigorated. Assumptions are but timely variables of limited lifespan. Bad is the battleground for the good.

Quality of communication is the greatest criteria for effectiveness at any given time where music and art is the interface to life experience.

by Saul Edmonds