Get more Productive with Twitter

by Saul Edmonds

Twitter and Productivity?

Twitter is a surprisingly adept recruit when it comes to tools for time management and organisation. With the right application, Twitter can be all you need to get your day sorted. Really.

Seriously Simple DM’s (Direct Messaging)

Why not explore Twitter for your simple notes and to-dos?

With Twitter you essentially get a great search tool. It also gives you big flexibility in that you can post to Twitter from virtually any device. Put these together and you have a seriously efficient and quick way to update your Google Docs, notepad, tasklists (and more).

Let’s Get Started.

First up, you need the right applications with Twitter messaging support. Find below a list of our favourites:

To Add tasks - Toodledo

To Create quick notes - Evernote

Update expense reports -  Xpenser

Update your Google Calendar - Twittercal

Few would deny that Twitter is in many ways the best SMS/texting service.

Great for keeping up with friends - but also so much more.

Go grab an application and get productive today!

Tap into Twitter.

by Saul Edmonds