How to Market Your Business with Postcards

by Saul Edmonds

Using Postcards for Business Marketing

Postcards are a simple yet powerful marketing tool. 

They are a surprisingly versatile print medium and are best suited to a simple strong message. Use postcards to create a vibrant and memorable point of contact with clients.

Why not consider custom postcards for your next marketing campaign?

Postcards - Get Your Message Heard

Postcards are ideally suited to bold designs and messages that create an instant impact. Hi resolution postcard printing processes ensure a bright finish and high quality product. Use postcards as an alternative to flyers. Oftentimes, postcards are the promotional material that is most likely to be read. 

Postcards and Your Brand

Company colours and logos can be readily incorporated into any postcard design. This assists in regard to the promotion of brand identity and product awareness. In addition, if a postcard has a strong visual appeal or is useful in some way (offering helpful tips or a calendar for example) the postcard may well be retained.

Postcards to Monitor Your Market

Consider utilising postcards as a means by which to monitor your campaign. Include a call to action such as 'Enter Promotional Code to Receive a Further 10% Discount'. This provides a means of measuring campaign success. It enables further refinement of your marketing plan to better enhance results.

Postcards are easy to distribute, cost effective and great for handing out. Why not establish links with other business owners who can display a stack of your promotional postcards in a prominent location in return for the same? Cross marketing activities with other local businesses is a win win scenario.

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We can help make your next campaign a winning success.

by Saul Edmonds