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Professional Medical Illustration Services

Medical illustration services provide visuals, graphic design, illustration and medical art for healthcare information purposes.


Medical illustrations may consist of computer generated design elements, hand drawn images, photography or a combination of creative mediums where required.

As a highly specialised discipline, medical illustration performs vital services. Firstly, it contributes meaningfully to the trust and care of patients, where detailed images assist with fostering understanding of medical procedures and treatment practices. Secondly, effective medical illustrations supplement the teaching of medicine and allied health disciplines.

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Medical Illustration for Communication

The broad purpose of any illustration is to communicate with an audience. 

A professional illustrator aims to compliment relevant text with carefully designed visual imagery to increase understanding. Visual communication is a powerful tool. Use illustration to enhance the process of the information transfer. People respond positively to visuals, images and creative design; and when used effectively, illustration simplifies complex detail into key essentials.

Medical Illustration Style

The styles and techniques used with the practice of medical illustration are wide ranging. They may include: electronic or computer aided design, hand drawn sketches, painting and other media, photography or concept diagrams. The style is matched to the brief.

The most appropriate style is selected that will best communicate the specific information required. 

Illustration styles can compliment existing brand and corporate elements. Use your medical illustrations to promote your company colours and style. This may be achieved in very simple ways - such as diagrams may be designed to feature your corporate identity colours. An experienced illustrator will ensure your medical illustrations compliment your brand where required.

Medical Illustration for Education

Medical illustration is a key tool within medical education, medical research and customer care.

  • Medical illustration can be used to provide 3D or 2D illustrations to cover any cellular process or medical procedure.
  • As a highly technical discipline, medical illustrators must accord precisely to the specific directions of doctors and medical staff. 

Healthcare practitioners, staff and patients can benefit from visual illustrations. Informational illustrations can promote understanding of a disease or a procedure, and provide important details regarding treatment options. Illustrative posters are a particularly useful tool for practitioners when explaining technical information to groups or individuals.

Medical Illustration for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies, agents and publishers make extensive use of medical illustration services.

Medical illustration can incorporate logo design and product advertisement. It can assist in representation of product benefits and effectiveness. Use medical illustration to provide scientific information to investors, medical staff and patients.

As a full service agency, Roundhouse offers a complete range of design and creative services. 

Illustration is a specialised discipline in which we have over 25 years professional experience.

We have extensive experience within the field of Medical Illustration. We tailor our design skills to meet your specialised needs - and those of your audience. 

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