Mobile App Development For Business & Emerging Mobile Technologies

Mobile App Development For Business & Emerging Mobile Technologies

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"The future is not an inheritance, it is an opportunity and an obligation." ―Bill Clinton

The Mobile Boom

Take a look at mobile phone sales over the past few years and it is clear that the explosion in technology has been a boom for mobile development. 

Each year, phones get cheaper, faster, and more powerful, as well as the number of users growing into the billions. 

At the end of the year 2016, there were already 10 billion mobile devices accessing the internet, and that number is only going to keep growing.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to understand today what is the future of mobile development for business.

A Cross Platform Future

The days of single platform mobile apps is long gone, and the future appears to be heading towards cross device and cross platform development. 

Android will always be the cheaper option and dominate as far as sales, iOS is going to dominate the higher end market, so it only stands to reason that in the near future these two will merge somehow. 

As HTML5 begins to grow in popularity, the future will be packed with hybrid applications that are going to work across a number of platforms. What appears to be challenging for developers today, will become easier and more in demand, so better to get a start today planning for the eventual evolution of the mobile app platforms.

IoT technology

One of the more exciting changes that will be taking over the mobile development world in the near future ins the IoT technology. 

The IoT (Internet of Tomorrow) technology is already making waves today, mainly in Apple Watches and Google Glass, and things are going to get even more impressive. 

The idea of self-driving cars is going to be more evident in the near future, and the ability of the internet to be able to make our lives easier is going to be like science fiction in real life.

 Mobile applications in the future will be cooking our meals, planning our days, paying our bills, and controlling our home security. It is just a matter of time before this is the norm instead of the rare exceptions.

Innovative App Development is Key

With more mobile phones hitting the market each year and more users year to year, the pressure for developers to produce new apps in a timely manner without errors will be a top priority. 

Software kits will become more advanced too as online app developing programs will have to keep up with the curve too. 

At the pace technology will be advancing, you had better get with the program today or you risk falling so far behind that you will be unable to bridge that gap when you have to get your app developed in a competitive niche. 

The best thing to do is to arm yourself today by studying what is working and shaping applications to be able to be streamlined for the future. 

Enterprise App Solutions

Although the focus today is on customer apps, in the very near future we are going to see a shift in the landscape as enterprise apps start getting more attention. 

Those needing enterprise apps will be more willing to put out large sums of money so they can acquire the customers they want and need. 

These enterprises are also eager to get more up-to-date quickly, so they will be doing so by way of the mobile apps to continue to grow their bottom line. 

If you are not gearing your business towards enterprise apps in the future, then the competition will be making even more money on these very powerful customers.

Location Based Services

One of the hottest trends in mobile development will be the advancement of location-based services. 

Today we are starting to see these applications gaining popularity, from ordering a taxi or a pizza with the mobile device, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.
In the very near future, location-based services are going to become more common for the average person. In a very short period of time, a person will be able to search for an electrician, repairman, mechanic, painter, insurance agent, or mortgage broker, and the app will find a qualified local company in seconds and schedule the appointment. 

The average homeowner will be able to order any type of service for their home on their mobile device in seconds.

Cloud Power

The power of the cloud is already making waves these days as more businesses are utilizing the space to share content with staff away from the office. 

Although the technology allows people in different parts of the world to share the same content in seconds, this is nothing compared to what will be coming down the pike in cloud computing. 

Mobile phones are becoming faster and more powerful, and that means that the storage space in the phone is going to be pushed to its limits. Instead of pictures and videos slowing down the functions of the phone, cloud based apps allow users to access a huge amount of apps without compromising the speed of the mobile phone. 

Cloud storage also helps users to sync and then access their database from anywhere with zero risk of data corruption. This mobile app development trend is only going to continue to grow in the near future.

Mobile Security

As the technology continues to advance at break-neck speeds, and more people are feeling comfortable about using their mobile devices to do everything, so does the threats of hackers accessing user information.

It wasn't too many years ago where most people would not expose their credit card information readily over their mobile device, yet today those same people are paying for gas, food, and services with apps on their phones that store their banking information.

With the smartphone becoming more important to people each year, so does our dependence on them for accessing our bank information or other private data. 

This means the need for security based apps will only be in more demand.

A Plan For Tomorrow

Now you should have a better understanding about what is the future of mobile development for business and how you can plan accordingly to stay ahead of the curve. It is easier to make changes in advance than it is doing anything in reaction. 

Take a proactive approach to your mobile development today to plan for tomorrow.

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