Pixel Stitch

by Saul Edmonds

QUT Art Museum has a great program at present including PIXEL STITCH: Pixel/Stitch exhibits the work of four emerging Brisbane artists whose practices present an engagement between contemporary digital artistic media and craft-techniques.

The material possibilities and promises of craft as part of critically-engaged fine-arts practice are explored through video, projection, photographic manipulation and installation. Working with the physical properties of craft-based tactics, the artists in Pixel/Stitch extend the mobility and transference of the crafted as a physical and cultural procedure to engage with the legacy of media art.

Artists include: Alice Lang, Michelle Knowles, Saara Roppola and Celise Gibson.

Curated by Maggie McDade

Image: Michelle Knowles, ‘The gallant heart that throbs beneath its sacred folds’, 2010.

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by Saul Edmonds