Savvy Blog Commenting

by Saul Edmonds
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‘Art is commenting on what’s going on around you in your life.’

Al Jourgensen

Blogging can seem a highway to nowhere. When lots of work equals only a few visitors the blog-road can seem long indeed.

The Big Boys

How to use the power of popularity to build a following.

There are many A+ blogs out there that have thousands of daily visitors.

Why not convert the traffic of popular blogs to your blog today? If you select blogs where readers will be highly compatible to your blog content, a high conversion rate is possible without any financial outlay.

Aim for your Target

While guest posting is a fantastic way to raise your blogging profile, another option is blog commenting. It is easy, it is efficient and leaving a single sentence could supply your blog with a net gain of 50 unique visitors.

All Good.

The secret lies in targeting your comments to blogs closely relevant to your ‘blog niche’. How to find the right ones? Yep - Google it.

RSS to the Rescue

For serious blog commenters, RSS is very valuable. Really Simple Syndication gives you immediate updates as they occur. Use Google reader as an effective way to monitor blog updates. Quality comments are always recommended

Commenting is a simple strategy to utilise for blog promotion.

Get more traffic. Try blog commenting today.

by Saul Edmonds