How to Become a TimeLord

by Saul Edmonds

‘A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life.’ Charles Darwin

The successful management of texts / emails takes times. Yet when our devices form the centre of our business process, a conflict may emerge wherein our productivity, management and other relationships suffer.

Electronic communication or electronic distraction?

In our ever tightening spiral of commitments both business and personal - how do we find equilibrium?

The Gentle Art of Selfish Time Management

Time is a precious commodity. Time management an art. The establishment of ‘me time’ within a busy work schedule increases the value of this commodity and is essential in the delivery of quality creative and personal outcomes.

Make Every Second Count

Value your time. Use a daily calendar to establish set times for processing texts and messages. Consider each day as a sacred opportunity for creativity and growth. Discover the many benefits of proactive time management. Prioritise you.

Less stress and more creativity.

Just stop giving your time away for free.

(And make sure you always get something back.)

by Saul Edmonds