Social Marketing and Manifestos

by Saul Edmonds


The Assurance of Significance

All marketing actions are best performed when inspired by a genuine enthusiasm for real benefit.

Real Value vs The Value of Illusion

A lack of self importance may be the most valuable marketing asset today.


Service to others before self. An intrinsic value placed upon social service is a noble pursuit, no less. Marketing must seek the highest common denominator and promote products and services accordingly. The search for something better for everyone.

Social Enlightenment

A pertinent marketing analysis will address broader social values and build greater value beyond the sale. Consumers today express global concern by consuming less. People want to care and make a difference. An authentic search for meaning resonates strongly. Marketing goals must adapt to a changing marketplace or risk loss of relevancy.

Poor vs Profit

In the past, a spiritual poverty was oft exchanged for profit. The sale by any means was all that mattered. Yet, a broader social prosperity is dawning which all can share. This is the future of advantage.

Inspiration is still a valuable commodity.


by Saul Edmonds