Top 5 Tips for Busy Bloggers

by Saul Edmonds
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‘Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.’

 (E. L. Doctorow, American Author b.1931)

At Roundhouse, we love that running a blog gives us the opportunity to - blog!

Trained as visual creatives, the written word presented as ‘darkly uncharted waters’.

Yet now - with a commitment to update our blog regularly - our workdays typically feature time dedicated to research and writing.

We are very glad of it.


The Art of Finding You

Nothing beats writing as a means by which to understand yourself (and your business) better. It provides a unique opportunity for self reflection and assessment. We have found that the process of writing reveals new information and ideas that readily assist, both personally and in our business practice.

Too Busy for Blogging?

Although many people express an interest in establishing their own blog, they feel overcommitted time-wise. It’s no secret that blogging takes time - but there are some basic tips to maximise quality and streamline effort.

Top 5 Tips for Busy Bloggers

1. Keep a list of post ideas. Update often.

2. Have alternate ideas for posts. Apart from articles - think lists, question/ answers, links, reviews, roundups and more.

3. Stick with deadlines and don’t waste time. Decide how many posts you are willing to do each week and stick to it

4. Forget perfect. Write from the heart (everyone prefers that anyway).

5. Keep to the Big Picture. Remember why you are blogging - and stay true to your reasons. It is ultimately about sharing what you know and learning from others too.

Go start a blog and spread your word.


by Saul Edmonds