iPhone Tip - How to Use Emoticons in Your Text Messages

by Saul Edmonds

‘Let’s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realising it.’ (Vincent Van Gogh, 1889)

Emoticons are useful when texting. They are a great way to show friends how you really feel. Of course, emoticons are ‘emotional icons’. When words alone are not enough - an emoticon provides the ready means to express yourself succinctly.

It is easy to enable emoticons on your iPhone. Simply following the steps below to express your mood with ease.

How to Use Emoticons in Your Text Messages

Step 1 : Open the App Store and download ‘Spell Number - Emoji for FREE’

Step 2 : Open the Spell Number app and enter the code 91929394.59

Step 3 : Close the Spell Number app and then go to:

Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Emoji

Step 4 : Close Settings and open up Text Messaging

Step 5 : You will now see a globe icon next to the spacebar on the keyboard.  Select the globe and you will see the available emoticons.

*Important Point: Emoticons on the iphone can only be viewed on other iphones, so don’t go sending them to your friend who bought a mo**rola d**y (and wishes they had an iphone). It will be sent as garble.

Get graphically emotional.

by Saul Edmonds