What Are The Top HTML 5 Frameworks for Mobile App Development?

A Guide To The Top HTML 5 Frameworks

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"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation." ―Charles Kettering

The Ongoing Popularity of the HTML 5 Framework

With all the latest advancements in mobile app development over the last few years, the task of creating compelling mobile applications is easier than ever. 

These creative frameworks have identified the issues of the past and now make it easy for the developer to focus on building robust and user friendly applications that function with less glitches. 

The popularity of the HTML 5 framework can not be understated, it has grown to the point that developers expect only great things when they make use of the platform.

A Smoother Process + Better Result

The HTML 5 framework is designed to add enhancements to an existing interface while helping to further boost the usability of the apps. 

In short, the right HTML 5 framework will help to ensure a smoother app development process for all involved.

As the push continues each year to stay ahead of the curve, a number of HTML 5 frameworks for mobile app development have risen to the top in this industry. The UI framework is nothing more than a set of concepts and codes that help to simplify common issues. 

In laymen terms, the UI framework are a set of unique libraries that will allow the mobile app developers to build more efficient applications for their customers. These libraries are comprised of JavaScript and CSS files, used in collaboration with the HTML files. As far as the mobile app development, this framework is described to be a package of standardized codes that include CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

So without further ado, these are the top HTML 5 frameworks that are efficient for mobile app development.

1. The Ionic Framework

The Ionic framework is considered to be a hybrid mobile app development tool that has a large dependency on the HTML 5 technology. 

This is an open source, complete with a front end SDK that can be extremely powerful and will enable the developers to design unique applications that do not comprise any of the quality of the app. 

The Ionic library is literally packed with web components, gestures, and tons of resourceful tools that will help to make the design process easier. The Ionic framework is also efficient at producing both intriguing and interactive apps. In addition to this being a very popular framework for mobile app development, it can be especially helpful for the developers who want to make use of the app testing process.

2. The Sencha Touch Framework

The Sencha Touch framework is a very popular HTML 5 mobile app development system because it utilizes the MVC (Model View Controller) to help the developer to be able to create unique hybrid applications. 

The framework takes all the guesswork out of this complicated process, allowing the team to function on functionality. When developers make use of the Sencha Touch framework, there will be an ease in coding on various mobile OS systems without having to alter the feel or the look of the app. 

This framework can easily build any replica of an existing app when it is collaborated with phone gap. This is a commercial venture that comes with dense technical support, tools, and documentation

3. The Adobe Top Coat Framework

The Adobe Top Coat framework stands on reputation alone as one of the top mobile app developer tools. 

When you hear the name Adobe, you know that extensive work behind the scenes has gone into the development. The Adobe Top Coat framework is an incredible HTML UI platform that has many enriching features that allow the developer to create mobile apps for free. 

This framework does rely on the CSS more so than the JavaScript, allowing it to provide more control for the developers. 

The Adobe Top Coat framework does have a substantial edge over many of the other frameworks as far as appearance and speed for desktop browsers that make use of style sheets or touch target controls. Mobile app developers are able to create creative applications that have a certain flair unlike any others.  

4. The Kendo UI Framework

Another very popular framework that utilizes the HTML 5 is Kendo UI. This is the perfect mobile app developers tool for creating some really stunning out-of-the-box designs that have their own unique functionality. 

Basically you can get working quickly and have a stunning design in half the time with this framwork. The Kendo UI is dependent on the jQuery powered UI widgets, but that makes the end result so compelling. 

This particular framework has a large number of built-in themes that the developer can make use of when creating applications. 

The Kendo UI has a theme builder that allows the developer to alter the look of any mobile app on the go. This framework does integrate well with AngularJs and Bootstrap Loader.

5. jQuery Mobile

When it comes to jQuery Mobile, it is by far the most commonly used of all the HTML 5 frameworks. 

The reason for the popularity with developers is because the jQuery Mobile is considered to be a minimalist framework. One of the reasons for the attraction to this framework is because it does provide the developer a variety of mobile user interfaces. 

These interfaces are key in helping to replicate the usability and the appeal of a true desktop site. The jQuery Mobile framework is programmed with the HTML 5 elements like CSS and JavaScript.
Part of the overall appeal of the jQuery Mobile is that this framework helps to build touch-optimized apps that are responsive and run smoothly across a number of platforms on a variety of devices.

The Next Step

Now you should have a better idea of the top HTML 5 frameworks and how they are helping mobile app developers to create stunning applications that end-users are loving.
All of these frameworks have their own unique benefits, so you need to carefully choose one that better suits your developing needs the most. By looking at the benefits of each there should be no trouble finding one that perfectly aligns with your needs when it comes to developing mobile apps.

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